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3 Types of Laundry Procrastinator

3 Types of Laundry Procrastinator

Jun 05, 2020

Everyone procrastinates. Of course not for everything, just only when it comes to tedious and boring chores such as laundry. 

Some procrastinate on completing an assignment or cramming for an exam. Others sidestep getting into shape. Or perhaps put off household chores for another day. Here’s the thing: If you have ever beaten yourself up about not getting things done earlier, know that you’re not alone. 

There are different types of laundry procrastinators out there. If you can see yourself in one of the following situations, it’s high time to improve your laundry routine! (Stay tuned to the end of this article as we have a method that might just work wonders for you)


The ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ 

One of the most common procrastinators on the planet. 

 This type of procrastinator sets big goals without any fore planning or if the end target is in the least bit unrealistic or impossible. 

To them, there’s always “another time” to do the washing. Days–perhaps, weeks–of dirty laundry go by until suddenly your wardrobe is empty and your hamper is holding on for dear life. 

The problem with last-minute laundry days is that you end up having to spend a lot of time and effort doing something you dread. As a result, you do selective washing and continue to put off the rest to “another day”. 


The ‘Can’t Be Bothered’

Ever heard of The Chair? 

Clothes that are too dirty for the closet, but too “clean” for the laundry: Welcome to The Chair. Or at least it used to be one before it became a glorified hanger. From week-old jeans, snuggly boyfriend hoodies to drool-stained pyjamas, the variations are endless when it comes to transition clothes.

These laundry procrastinators are the ones who adopt the “smells good, looks good, is good” theory. Not to mention, they practice the legendary sniff-test to determine which clothes should stay on The Chair and which were relegated to the washer.

To them, it’s all about minimising and re-wearing their transition clothes so that they would have lesser washing to do. Pretty smart (and gross), I must say. 


The ‘Goody-Two-Shoes’

These elusive laundry enthusiasts are also perfectionists at heart. As they constantly strive for the best and suffer from the fear of failing, it eventually leads them to never actually getting around to starting anything. 

For example, laundry day will be delayed unless there’s a blazing hot sun for the next five hours to ensure a 100% drying rate. Hence, when it’s a sunny day, they’ll gladly do laundry with no qualms whatsoever.

Waiting for the right circumstances is their go-to excuse to not do something. 


Say GoodBye To Your #Laundrywoes

As any true blue laundry procrastinator knows, the drama never simply ends with deciding to put it off for another day. If you’re sick of waiting on your clothes all the time, boy, do we have the solution for you!

The state-of-the-art laundry system expert, Steigen Singapore—your next hottest home appliance must-have—solves your #laundrywoes with a press of a button. 

The epitome of luxury is when you can sleep soundly at night knowing your garments are taken good care of by Steigen. The German-engineered laundry system can hold up to 45kg and dries 4 times faster than Sun-drying, so you never have to worry about doing laundry on rainy days!

 If you’re looking for the best laundry buddy but not sure if you have enough space in your cosy home, you can check out our free on-site measurement today! Whether laundry day comes by every day, weekends only or once in a blue moon, we don’t see why anyone would turn down some laundry assistance.