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3 Ideas To Prevent Your Service Yard From Being An Eyesore

3 Ideas To Prevent Your Service Yard From Being An Eyesore

Functional and usually found hidden beside the kitchen, the humble service yard is mostly relegated to housing large home appliances like washing machines and dryers or other miscellaneous household items. Little thought is given to sprucing up a stark, bland-looking service yard. Subjected to this neglect, service yards often look worse for wear and tend to become an eyesore that homeowners try to ignore.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! With a bit of effort and resourcefulness, one can transform this dull, dreary corner of your home into a quaint spot for your hobbies and interests. Here are some ideas we’ve put together to help you get started.

Service yard with Steigen Laundry Rack

1. Using Smart Laundry Racks

The first step to transforming your service yard begins with finding ways to maximise the space. In this regard, investing in a retractable laundry rack in Singapore can do wonders. Not only does it negate the need for a dryer, but it is also a functional, stylish addition to your service yard that brings a modern chic aesthetic to your home.

When compared to using more traditional bamboo poles or pulley systems, indoor laundry drying systems are much more likely to gel seamlessly with your overall kitchen decor and are less likely to stick out as an eyesore. In some ways, your service yard is moulded into an extension of your kitchen. When not in use, they also retract up to the ceiling leaving homeowners to let their imaginations run wild and design the space below as they wish. 

2. Create An Indoor Garden

Service yards are usually situated near windows where plenty of light and wind are available. This makes them a perfect environment for homeowners to cultivate an indoor garden. Get creative with mini potted plants to bring the greenery into your home, and add some wooden furniture for a rustic look. A cosy chair and a few books or a music player transform your service yard into a lush meditative corner for you to decompress after a long day.

Don’t have a green thumb and are worried about killing all the new plants you might buy? Fret not. A few potted succulents will do the trick of mimicking the natural environment in your service yard while requiring little to no maintenance.

Automatic clothes hanger by Steigen Singapore

3. Turn It Into A Pet Corner

We might not always appreciate the extra square footage a service yard provides, but our pets definitely will. If you’ve already gone ahead and purchased an automatic clothes hanger, but are still undecided on how to utilise the space you have when you’re not drying your clothes, then why not consider turning your service yard into a fun play or rest area for your pets?

From doggy beds to cat trees, there’s a whole world of products that bring joy and stimulation to our pets. For pet owners, it can also provide your cat or dog with a dedicated place to rest. Meaning, you might be able to spend less time chasing them away from out-of-bounds areas in your house. Keep in mind that your new pet corner will still need to be used for drying clothes from time to time and might get a little warm and uncomfortable. Once your clothes are dried and the laundry system is retracted, your pets can have their new play area all to themselves again.

The potential to transform a service yard should not be underestimated. Limited only by our imagination, a service yard could very well be an extension of our homes and personalities. Big or small, they can provide places for meditation, hobbies, passion projects, or serve as a refuge for the little furry friends in your life.

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