Engineered to excel
Built to last

Steigen has been the choice of more than 10,000 homeowners since 2011 with automated laundry systems that are built to last for at least a decade. With smart technologies, the chore of drying laundry becomes a hassle-free experience, leaving you with fresh, clean clothes and more time to enjoy the things you love. Embrace the future of laundry drying and let Steigen revolutionise the way you keep your wardrobe fresh.


Outstanding Drying Capability with German Technology

Air volume coverage

The 4 full-size BLDC fans in a Steigen automated laundry system consist of angled fan blades that blow in 8 different directions when in movement. With wider vents, expect larger air volume coverage (CFM) that will leave your laundry feeling soft and fresh.

Twin heat coils

The amount of heat and speed of drying are correlated–an increased amount of heat would result in faster drying. The 60ºC 8-core Solar Drying features twin heat coils that offer faster uniform heating.

BLDC Fan Motor for Efficiency

Powered by 4 BLDC fan motors, these motors provide stable fan operation, low noise, and overall better durability than their AC motor counterparts. It works out that the general DC fan motors use 70% lower energy consumption too.

Material for safety and durability

Mounting body frame 

An innovative mounting body frame made with SS304 stainless steel that has high-temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance and high tensile strength (resistance to breakage). The 1.0mm thick body frame is engineered to withstand vigorous mechanical movements and prevent warping over long-term use. 


Nano-ceramic coating provides a protective layer to prevent scratches, swirl marks and water spots from bonding to the system surface. With its excellent UV resistance properties, the coated surface prevents colour fading, oxidation, and deterioration of the material over time.

Energy-saving and cost-saving

An hour of Solar Drying costs under $0.30^, which is a pretty big deal. That means low electricity and lower electricity bills. Plus, you will never have to deal with irreversible damage to your delicates again. With Steigen, your laundry will always stay in top-notch condition. Achieve higher efficiencies at a low cost and get the best out of Steigen.

Help save the environment by reducing your energy consumption at home!

^Based on SP Group 1 Oct 2023 at $0.287/kWh (before GST).

Sustainable technology

All Steigen indoor laundry drying racks have a load-cell sensor to optimise the electrical output. Based on the laundry load distribution on the system, self-calibration will be triggered when lowering and retracting the system for energy efficiency.

Sol Ion™ inbuilt Ioniser

The improved 2-in-1 Sol Ion™ technology– a blend of positive and negative ions–traps both odour-causing bacteria and dust mites, providing odour control and allergy care for all types of laundry. Sol Ion™ is simultaneously activated when drying laundry.

Free on-site measurement

Steigen offers free and non-obligatory site measurement to recommend a suitable model and placement for your home.