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Installation Guide
Step 1

Key Collection

Collect the key to your new home.

Step 2

Site measurement

Need help deciding where to install and what to prepare? Book here for a free and non-obligatory site measurement and let us assist you.

Step 3

Home renovation

System installation is recommend after wiring, carpentry and first coat of paint are completed. Skip straight to installing the system if renovation is not required.

Step 4


Delivery will be made within the stipulated time slot and installation* will take approximately 1.5-2 hours from the time of delivery.

*In the event of wet weather or delays from previous installation, do cater up to an addition of 2 hours from the stipulated time slot. Only available for eligible residences living in the relevant housing projects. During installation, any existing rack/system will be dismantled and disposed (free of charge). Drill holes left by previous laundry rack will be patched up too but no painting services available.