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4 Colour Palettes Ideas For Laundry Spaces

4 Colour Palettes Ideas For Laundry Spaces

Choosing the right colour palette is a crucial step in transforming your house into a home. Whether you lean towards warm neutrals, soft colours or monochrome, experiment with these 4 captivating colour palettes, and watch as your laundry space becomes a reflection of your personality, creating a space that is not only visually stunning but also truly yours.

Solar Pro in Blush-Dusky Green and Blush Palette

System featured: Solar Pro in Blush

Dusky Green and Blush Palette

Here is a space where nature meets elegance, and tranquillity embraces sophistication. The muted greens and blush bring together the calming essence of nature with a touch of romantic warmth. Consider incorporating these shades in your space through furnishing–that way you can switch things up if you seek a change in design. The Solar Pro in Blush would complement well as an accent piece while providing efficient laundry-drying assistance. 

The signature 60ºC 8-Core Solar Drying and 8-way Wind Direction whips up over 175,000cm3 of drying coverage volume (CFM) to distribute heat evenly, ensuring your clothes come out perfectly dry, fresh, and irresistibly fluffy. Whilst drying, the 2-in-1 Sol Ion™ activates automatically to battle against odour-causing particles and dust mites. A multipurpose system fit for any home!

Solar Pro in White-Neutral Brown Palette

System featured: Solar Pro in White

Neutral Brown Palette

For those who appreciate timeless, earthy tones, a neutral brown palette is the way to go. Think warm caramels, rich chocolates, and sandy taupes. Use these hues with white or cream for a clean, contemporary look. The Solar Pro in White promises a harmonious blend that stands the test of time and interior styles. These systems are nano-ceramic coated to prevent colour fading, scratches, water spots and more from bonding to the system surface. 

Solar Pro in Eclipse-Monochrome Minimalist Palette

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Monochrome Minimalist Palette

Crisp whites, subtle greys, and inky black epitomises a monochrome minimalist colour palette. This is perfect for those who seek a clutter-free, calming environment that radiates a sense of order and balance. Create more legroom with the Solar Pro in Eclipse where you can retract and lower–up to 1.35m–the system to a comfortable height when drying laundry. Not to mention, the poles extend horizontally up to 2m long to fit king-size bedsheets. 

For compact homes, check out the Solar Mini instead (fits a queen-size bedsheet). If you need help with the system fit, book a free site measurement with us, and we will pop by your place for a quick visit to recommend a model based on your space.

Solar Pro in Silver-Grey Palette

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver

Grey Palette

From light dove greys to deep charcoal tones, grey offers a spectrum to play with. Use lighter shades for larger surfaces like walls and furniture, while darker greys can be introduced through accent pieces, creating depth and visual interest. Pair the Solar Pro in Silver to add a touch of luxury. The result is a contemporary and sophisticated space that seamlessly transitions from day to night. 

Besides using the sleek remote control, the Steigen Home mobile app can manage the system. With the app, toggle between 6 Solar Drying durations and set weather-based triggers to activate the system automatically. 


Dream in colour

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