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4 Farmhouse Idea That Will Elevate Your Service Yard

4 Farmhouse Idea That Will Elevate Your Service Yard

Rooted in the simplicity and warmth of country living, farmhouse designs have captured the hearts of many in recent years with their rustic charm and cosy aesthetics. From wood to contemporary elements, we have something here for every homebody. Read on for 4 farmhouse ideas that elevate your service yard. 

Korean inspired Farmhouse Solar Pro White

System featured: Solar Pro in White 

Korean-inspired Farmhouse

Who said mimicking Korean cafes was ever a bad thing? This spacious farmhouse interior adds a traditional Korean twist and plays with soft lighting. Keeping with the open-concept idea, the Steigen automated laundry system will provide plenty of legroom. Also, it comes with a 3-tone LED light that offers a warm light option.

Pastel Farmhouse Solar Sonic Blush
System featured: Solar Sonic in Blush 
Pastel Farmhouse

Contrary to belief, pastel colours are easy to pull off. Try pairing these spring-like colours with a light grey or beige colour for a fresh, calming look. The Solar Sonic in Blush is a good choice for those who prefer having colour-themed appliances to colour-themed walls. 

If you are worried about the size of the system versus your service yard space, get started by booking a free site measurement where our Site Measurement Experts will recommend the system placement according to your space (highly recommended if you plan to get floating shelves in your service yard).

Contemporary Twist Farmhouse Solar Pro Silver
System featured: Solar Pro in Silver 
Contemporary Twist Farmhouse

This polished look brings in a modern edge that can be trend-proof. For cool colour lovers, try an all-grey theme with silver accents. The good news, both Solar Pro and Solar Sonic come in Silver. Plus, both systems can dry 2-3 washing loads and heat up to 60ºC, similar to drying under direct sunlight but with zero ultraviolet light.  

Dark Modern Farmhouse Solar Pro Eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse 
Dark Modern Farmhouse

The epitome of moodiness (yet timeless), a dark modern farmhouse exudes elegance and sophistication on every surface. Decorate your space with dark-coloured appliances to complete the look. The Solar Pro in Eclipse offers a cool charcoal shade that would match any dark interior. On top of drying features, the system offers odour control and dust mite mitigation for your laundry. 

A Homey Oasis

Whether it is a rustic farmhouse or an elegant modern one, the Steigen automated laundry system has multiple colours to suit every space while providing laundry drying functionalities.  

On top of multiple colours, we have multiple deals! Join the Steigen family and enjoy an $80 storewide off. Don’t forget to trade in your manual or automated laundry racks to get up to another $50 off! Not to mention, book a non-obligatory and free site measurement to find out if the system fits in your place.

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