4 Frequently Asked Renovation-Related Questions About Steigen

4 Frequently Asked Renovation-Related Questions About Steigen

Too many homeowners stumble through their renovation project. Whether you are new to it or already a home reno guru, we have you covered. 

We may not have a one-size-fits-all solution but, we will try our best to clear your doubts and give you the next best thing: Our top 4 most asked renovation-related questions answered, along with advice for each of them.

With this magic list, your dream laundry space should come to reality with zero hiccups. 

Q1. “My BTO project has been delayed. How long can you hold off my purchase and installation date?” 


Here is some good news to brighten your day: Yes, we can hold your order for up to 1 year. Hence, you can select an installation date within the year from the date of purchase. 

This too works if you manage to snag a good discount now and wish to only install much later! Simply select an “open installation date” when checking out on our website and drop us a WhatsApp message when you are ready to book your installation (approximately 3-4 weeks lead time).

Q2. “I’m new to home renovations. When is the best time/stage in my renovation to install this?”


We recommend installing it before your second paint touch-up. With that said, this is also highly dependent on the model you have selected and should you wish to conceal all wiring and have no visible trunking.

An ideal scenario is to book a site measurement with us before ironing out your electrical plan. This way, you have more time to cater an additional power socket if needed. 

If you have no qualms for aesthetics, you can install it with the rest of your other bigger household appliances (e.g. air conditioner, bed frame, ceiling lights). 

Q3. “I have an existing rack/system. Will you remove it for me?”


Of course! During your installation, your existing rack/system will be removed and our automated laundry drying system will be installed over. Drill holes left behind by the previous rack/system will be filled up by our technicians, however, painting services will not be provided.

Plus, we have a trade-in program which gives a further discount off any Steigen automated laundry drying systems:

- $20 for manual system (eg. ceiling-mounted bamboo rack, HDB pulley system, foldable system)

- $50 for an automated system of another brand

Q4. “Can this be installed on my balcony/service yard?”

From balconies (indoors and outdoors), service yards, kitchens to bedrooms, we have experience in installing our systems in various locations in your home. 

The best part, we offer 2 different dropping heights for our automated laundry drying systems, so even the ones living in Executive Maisonettes don’t have to worry. High ceilings are no trouble for us.

We even provide both L-bracket and false ceilingº installations with no extra charges as well. Should you foresee the need for such an installation, do book a free site measurement with us so we can better assist you. 

*For payments to be made on the day of installation, do drop us a message via WhatsApp at 8877 0005 to place your order instead. 

^For installment plans, do drop us a message via WhatsApp at 8877 0005 to place an order instead. 

ºReinforcements will be done by adding stainless steel rods that connect to the concrete slab through the false ceiling (distance between should be less than 1.2m)

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