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4 wanderlust-inspired laundry spaces any globetrotter will love

4 wanderlust-inspired laundry spaces any globetrotter will love

What is one getaway that never needs a passport? When you weave your travels into your home! Travelling inspires us in many ways from exploring the world to embracing different cultures. 

Here are 4 travel-inspired laundry spaces to satisfy your inner wanderlust. Time to recreate that vacation life and live in your very own paradise.

Balinese solar pro midnight green
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green

Bringing the outside world in, resort-inspired homes are great for nature lovers. Giant green leafy plants, wood elements and a play of neutral colours are the foundation to achieving any tropical vibes. The Solar Pro in Midnight Green goes perfectly with wooden furnishing, whilst adding a touch of colour to the space.

Japanese solar pro white
System featured: Solar Pro in White

Japanese interiors heavily focus on serenity and simplicity, using natural materials to create a minimalist space. Keeping to a muted palette, go with the Solar Pro in White. The crisp white colour will no doubt add elegance to your laundry space, but also better reflect daylight through space. It even comes with a 3-tone LED light to illuminate the area.

Parisian solar pro midnight blue
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Blue

Parisian style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you will definitely be the talk of the town. This effortlessly chic interior embodies a classic and contemporary mix. In Parisian interiors, it is all about the details – a Steigen automated laundry system on the ceiling, a laundry basket at the corner, or a beautiful cookbook on the kitchen countertop. 

Scandinavian solar pro eclipse

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse


This clean design is always a crowd favourite. But whoever said that Scandinavian interiors have to be all-white? For a little edge, spice it up with a dark colour palette instead. In keeping with the aesthetics, pair the dark carpentry with the Solar Pro in Eclipse for a sleek and seamless match. 

The world is your oyster

You never have to be a globetrotter or a travel enthusiast to want to have a destination-inspired place. Everyone has different ways of expressing their wanderlust side, and we want to help you.

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