Enable WiFi Pairing Mode

  1. Press and hold Light button on the remote control

  2. Press Fan button once you hear a beep sound

  3. Colour indicator will flash blue in rapid pace

  4. The laundry system is now in pairing mode for the WiFi


Setting Up Mobile App

  1. Download Steigen Connect app from App Store or Google Play

  2. Turn on WiFi on your mobile phone

  3. Select WiFi network with the best signal coverage at the laundry area

  4. Open Steigen Connect app

  5. Go to "Device" tab to add your laundry system

  6. Enter WiFi password and press "Start"



If you encounter any error, please ensure that:

  1. Pairing mode has been enabled on the laundry system. The LED colour indicator should be flashing blue in rapid pace.

  2. WiFi signal can be detected at the laundry area. Place your mobile phone under the laundry system to check.

  3. Your SSID names is in alphanumeric between 5 - 10 characters.

  4. You are connected to the 2.4 Ghz network, not 5.0 Ghz.

  5. You are connected to 11bg wireless network instead of 11bgn.

  6. Guest mode is enabled on your router.