First Class
Automation With
Cutting-Edge Power

Solar Pro

The New Solar Evolution

60℃ Quad CoreSolar Drying

8-way Circulator Blower

25,000 ions/cm3

8 different frequency ultrasonic waves

50kg load capacity

62% more power-saving lifting

Dry it all

An explosive breakthrough

The new Solar Pro features a 60ºC Quad Core Solar Drying[A1] which mimics the conditions of drying under direct sunlight with zero ultraviolet rays.


Longer Strip Panel


Faster Wind Speed


Bigger Drying Coverage

Within the system lies a mighty 8-way Circulator Blower[A2] that blows in opposite directions to ensure maximum air circulation.

Coupled with the Quad Core Solar Drying, this system offers 8x more drying coverage.

Musty laundry odours begone

Brilliantly redesigned, the new inbuilt Ioniser features 25,000 ions/cm³ of negative and positive Sol Ion™ that would neutralise any odour causing particles. Freshen your laundry and say goodbye to musty laundry odour.


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[A1] Previous Solar Series features a 50ºC duo core Solar Drying technology. 60ºC is the optimal temperature to eliminate bacteria.

[A2] Previous Solar Series features a 2-way circulator blower with a fan rotating speed at 2000 RPM and a 3m/s wind speed. The new Solar Evolution series features an 8-way circulator blower with a fan rotating speed at 2300 RPM and a 6.5m/s wind speed.

[A3] Solar Alpha and Solar Ultra have a 50kg and 45kg load capacity respectively as compared to Solar Pro and Solar Sonic that both have 50kg load capacity (approximately 2-3 washing loads). hence, reducing motor tension which in turn, prolongs the system lifespan.

[A4] New sustainable motor self-calibrates the electricity needed against the weight, hence, reducing motor tension which in turn, prolongs the system lifespan.

[A5] Solar Alpha has 6 poles of which 2 are with built-in clips and no option of pole add-ons. Solar Ultra has 5 poles of which only 1 has built-in clips and a maximum add-on of 2 poles with built-in clips but no option for clip colour. Solar Sonic comes with a 5-pole structure and 1 pole with built-in clips.

[A6] New trademarked design sports a signature 3-tone LED light panels (Soft White, Daylight and Warm Glow).