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3 Tips For Fresh And Clean Laundry

3 Tips For Fresh And Clean Laundry

While doing laundry can be considered one of the more fuss-free chores in the household, many might still be doing it wrong. Even with a washing machine that takes away much of the labour, getting laundry to be fresh, clean, and smelling great is a task that needs a bit of preparation and some legwork.

Some common issues with laundry include musty smells, discoloured stains, and colours that run. These are simple problems with easy solutions. There are also innovations such as automated laundry racks in Singapore that address these concerns while also cutting down on the time and labour involved. Read on for some tips to improve your laundry experience.

Sort Your Laundry laundry system Singapore

1. Sort Your Laundry

To save time, and potentially on water bills, millennials generally like to wash larger batches of clothes. However, doing this may cause clothes to wear out, and can lead to your machine breaking down quicker

It is better to take the time to sort out lights and darks, delicate from non-delicate laundry and do them in smaller batches throughout the week. You will find that your clothes last longer and retain their vibrancy and colour. Worth it for those few minutes spent separating clothes into different batches.

The downside to smaller laundry loads is the amount of time it can take to dry each batch. One easy solution is to invest in a smart laundry system from Steigen which features solar drying.

2. Choose The Right Detergent

A trip to the supermarket for laundry detergent can leave someone scratching their head in disbelief at the number of choices. There is the traditional powder detergent alongside liquid detergent, and detergent pods. Not to mention the myriad of brands and purported cleaning abilities of each one.

Powdered detergent is good enough for most uses. It is effective against common stains, grease, dirt, and sweat. Liquid detergent is great for food or oil stains and is better for spot treatment. Detergent pods take the guesswork out of the equation as each pod contains enough for a regular sized laundry load.

If you find that your clothes are still smelling funky even after using the right amount of detergent, then the issue may be with the drying. In our humid climate, damp clothes are a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Sudden rainstorms wetting clothes on bamboo poles can also contribute to this issue. An indoor laundry system in Singapore not only dries your clothes efficiently but also contains ionisers to eliminate odours from clothes. 

Pre-treat Stains laundry system Singapore

3. Pre-treat Stains

Most minor stains can be left to a regular washing machine cycle to be taken care of. But if you have a stubborn spot, or if it is stained with a specific substance that your detergent might not be able to remove, then the next best thing to do is pre-treat the stain.

Pre-treating should be done as soon as possible to prevent stains from setting. Vinegar, baking soda, or certain types of laundry detergent can all be used for pre-treating stains. It all depends on the nature of the stain itself.

Getting fresh and clean laundered clothes is not a difficult task. It does take some practice and effort to get it right, but the extra work is well worth the reward. Nothing beats the smell of freshly and properly laundered clothes, which will definitely put a spring in your step as you leave the house. 

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