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6 Customisable Features You Never Knew Steigen Offers

6 Customisable Features You Never Knew Steigen Offers

While you might be tempted to stick with a standard-issue HDB laundry rack or dryer, there is just some personalisation an automated laundry system can offer more. 

From blending seamlessly into any space to customisable after-sales support, check out these 6 customisable features you probably never knew Steigen offers.

Go ahead and change it up to your heart’s content. 

Warranty extension after installation

System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green

1. Warranty extension after installation

When purchasing kitchen appliances and home furnishing, you want to be sure that the product has a warranty backing it up.

Fun fact: All of our systems include a basic on-site warranty of 2 years for parts and 5 years for the up-down lifting motor and LED light.

Regardless of your warranty status, there are zero labour and transportation costs involved. Post-warranty, you would only be billed for the system parts that require replacement.

Before your basic warranty ends, extend your warranty with our SteigenCare+ ($100) for an additional year of coverage for the system parts.

Pole add-on after installation

System featured: Solar Sonic in Graphite

2. Pole add-on after installation

New homeowners may not be as experienced when gauging laundry load size. Fret not, for here is our solution!

Just as it sounds, add up to 2 poles to dry more clothes even after your installation. Each pole comes with 10 built-in clips (Smoky or Clear) where you can dry smaller items too.

Remote control colours

3. Remote control colours

The more the merrier, we say. With the new Solar Evolution Series, choose between a White or Graphite remote control that goes well with any interior. It even comes with a magnetic back to stick to your refrigerator or washer.

Preset drop height

System featured: Solar Pro in White

4. Preset drop height

Shelves are great storage ideas but they can become troublesome if you wish to maximise the ceiling space. With the Solar Pro and Solar Sonic systems, preset the drop height to avoid collisions with your shelves or counter table. 

After lowering the system to your preferred height, press and hold both Solar Heat Drying (6 hours) and Light buttons for 5 seconds until you hear two beeps. To reset to default settings, press and hold both Solar Heat Drying (3 hours) and Cool Breeze buttons for 5 seconds until you hear two beeps.

Silence beeps

5. Silence beeps

Love every aspect of the system but wish the beeps would go away? Now you can! To enable silent mode, press and hold the Light button until a beep is heard. Next, press Solar Heat Drying (3 hours). Switch off and on the main power to reset to default.

Tweak the feature durations

6. Tweak the feature durations

For days when you need a shorter or longer Solar Drying session, download the Steigen Home app and toggle between a 1 to 6-hour cycle. Schedule the LED light to be switched on during dusk or have the system triggered to dry laundry whenever it rains.

Personalise to your tastes

Whether it is floating shelves, matching appliances or lighting, there are endless ways to style your service yard to suit your home. Besides blending with your interior, a Steigen automated laundry can also be a practical decision if you seek more floor space. 

For budding homeowners, book your free site measurement with us and let us help you determine the system fit at your place. Plus, enjoy $80 storewide off when you sign up! And, get up to an additional $50 price off when you trade in your automated laundry racks or manual clothes drying rack.

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