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5 ‘Ugly’ Colours For Service Yard That Are Surprisingly Gorgeous

5 ‘Ugly’ Colours For Service Yard That Are Surprisingly Gorgeous

You might think of some colours as ‘ugly’, but really they can be beautiful when used in the right setting. From light blush to deep olive and grey, here is a fresh take on 5 ugly colours that are surprisingly gorgeous. 

If you have not checked out our other articles, this is one might interest you. Remember, even an ugly duckling can become a swan. 

Olive Green (Solar Pro in Midnight Green)
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green

Olive Green

A match made in heaven, combine green with brown tones to create the perfect indoor-outdoor space. Infuse more green shades into your space with the Solar Pro in Midnight Green. Brighten any dark corners with the system’s inbuilt 3-tone LED light – White light, natural white and warm light. 

Blush (Solar Sonic in Blush)
System featured: Solar Sonic in Blush


The romantic allure of the colour blush can swoon just about anyone. Soft and charming, this pretty shade works as a neutral backdrop colour without overwhelming your space. For those who love matching appliances to interior themes, you are in for a treat! Keep the room light yet playful with Solar Sonic in Blush. Nothing is worse than having an automated laundry system that does not fit. Fret not, book a free site measurement to confirm the fit before purchasing it. 

Grey (Solar Pro in Eclipse)
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse


Grey is another tricky colour to work with – too dark and it becomes dull, too light and it is not far off from white. Surprisingly, this versatile shade works with an assortment of colours, from dark ones like black to neutral tones like beige. Play it up with gradients for an elegant interior that never goes out of style. Not vibing with a dark theme? The Solar Pro comes in White and Silver too. 

Teal (Solar Pro in White)
System featured: Solar Pro in White


Fun fact: Teal is a colour for restfulness. Despite the zen mood, it is also a great choice for those who prefer loud colours over subtle shades. This dramatic hue pairs great with Solar Pro in white, creating a calm background for the contrast to pop out against the neutral colour. 

Rust (Solar Pro in White)
System featured: Solar Pro in White


When minimalist colour palettes become mundane, it is time to make way for bold choices. The epitome of fall colour, rust is an earthy shade that oozes cosiness. As uncommon as it may be, rust goes well with various neutral tones such as white, cream and even light wood furnishing. 

Ugly is the new pretty

We know how tedious it can be when it comes to paint colours. Many things can go wrong as we move from seeking inspiration, and making it a reality, to pairing it with home furnishing. 

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