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4 Ways to Install an Automated Laundry System in Your Home

4 Ways to Install an Automated Laundry System in Your Home

When you are new to home renovations, technical words an interior designer or contractor uses can be overwhelming and confusing. We bring you a breakdown of 4 of our installation methods alongside picture diagrams for better understanding. 

Your burning questions on installation methods and power source requirements will be answered here! 



You can never go wrong with the classic layout! Only occupying the ceiling, the automated laundry system is a great space saver, especially for compact homes. If you have carpentry or a washer nearby, enable the Memory Setting on your Solar Pro or Solar Sonic to preset the drop height and avoid any collision with your furnishing.  

Here is how you can set your Memory Setting via the remote: Press and hold the Light and Heat buttons for 3 seconds to lock it in. To reset, press and hold both the Fan and Heat buttons for 3 seconds.


Flushed in 

No matter how matching your appliances and cabinets may be, some still stick out more than others due to their different depths. Create a space in your ceiling to “hide” your automated laundry system. This hack keeps your system concealed, providing a clean and sleek outlook. 


False ceiling

False ceilings are great for concealing wires or playing up the ambience with hidden cove lights. But, some worry about the additional cost when mounting appliances on a false ceiling.

Fret not, for we can still install a Steigen automated laundry system on your false ceiling at no additional cost!* By adding stainless steel rod reinforcements which are connected to the concrete slab above, the system will be secured and ready to use.

3 points to take note of before installation:                                         

  • There is a concrete slab beyond the false ceiling
  • The distance between the false ceiling and the concrete ceiling is no more than 1.2 metre                                                          
  • There are no obstacles (eg. pipes) blocking the mounting points of the system

Against the wall

Installation against the walls is a good alternative when your ceiling is not made of concrete or is too high up. Many with trellis roofs would also opt for such L-bracket installations too. Guess what? L-bracket installations are all-inclusive in our prices too!* However, we highly recommend booking our free site measurements for such installations to ensure the system fit and space requirements. 

If it fits, it sits

Rest assured, all Steigen automated laundry systems (except Solar Alpha) would only require a minimum of 6 Ampere to function. For these systems, we can tap power from an existing lighting point during installation. 

Also, if you are unaware, the prices of our systems include installation*, delivery and basic warranty coverage too. 

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*Installation heights above 3.0m would be subjected to additional installation costing (case-by-case basis)

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