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4 Ways to Mix Wood Tones in Your Small Service Yard

4 Ways to Mix Wood Tones in Your Small Service Yard

Even if your service yard is compact, there is no reason why it cannot be as good-looking as your other rooms. In fact, small spaces are easier to decorate and much easier to keep organised! Plus, a smaller service yard encourages you to focus on the essentials.

Get the look you love with these 4 tips for mixing wood tones in your small service yard. Go ahead and maximise every last inch of space.

System featured: Solar Pro in White

Matching Tones

When styling an all-white service yard, it is crucial to introduce different white tones so that the space does not seem flat and bland. Mix varying shades of white and beige (maybe even grey) with light wood furnishing to create a classic and timeless aesthetic. For a seamless transition across the room, have your furniture and appliances share the same colour.  

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver 

Texture and Finishing

Time to weave in some depth and dimension! From straight to curly spiral wood grains, embrace the natural world with wood elements. Besides pattern grains, there are different wood finishes (matte and glossy) and textures (rough and smooth) you may consider. By layering them, a contrast is created. 

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Contrast Colours

Skew away from the traditional all-white setting and create a striking visual corner with contrasting colours. The modern farmhouse has a perfect balance of dark and light wood elements, allowing the space to be inviting yet sophisticated. Keeping to the theme, match the Solar Pro in Eclipse to brighten your space while fast drying your laundry. 

System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green

Wood Accents

Accents are great when creating a signature style. In service yards, wood accents can include countertops, shelves and frames that highlight a space. Another accent piece is appliances. For more earthy tones, the Solar Pro in Midnight Green would be a great addition. Bookmark this one if you are an it’s-the-details-that matter kind of person.

What wood you say?

Wood is one of the most beloved elements used when it comes to stylish yet functional home furnishing. Even when you are new to interior design, you can never go wrong with wood.

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