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3 Tips To Choose The Right Laundry Rack For Your Home

3 Tips To Choose The Right Laundry Rack For Your Home

Indoor drying rack for clothes by SteigenRetractable indoor clothes drying racks are a great addition to any home. They simplify the chore of doing laundry, while not having to use a dryer and incur high electric bills or run the risk of clothes shrinking. They also protect against inclement weather ruining clothes hung out to dry. In many aspects, they can be the best option for homeowners who want a cost-effective, efficient, and painless way to get their clothes smelling fresh and ready to be put away after a wash. 

Before you rush out and buy the first automated laundry rack in Singapore you see, it is important to consider the different characteristics of laundry racks and choose the right one that fits your home and your lifestyle. For new buyers, we have put together a little cheat sheet of essential things to look out for when purchasing a laundry rack.

Dimensions for laundry rack system by Steigen

1. Size And Length

It might seem obvious, but many first-time buyers might forget about getting the right dimensions for their laundry rack system. The key to getting it right is doing a little prep work beforehand. By planning where your laundry rack is going to be in the home and then taking a few measurements, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort later on.

A few things to consider are the space you have available and determining the most suitable place to install your laundry rack. This will likely be in your balcony, or service yard/kitchen. Make sure the area is free from obstructions or space constraints that might not allow for an electric clothes drying rack.

Load Capacity of Laundry Rack System in Singapore

2. Load Capacity

The typical washing machine capacity for a family of four to five is around 9kg-11kg. An 8kg washing machine will roughly take a load of about 40 shirts. These numbers can be used as a guide to help you choose a laundry rack system in Singapore that can support your usual laundry loads.

You do not need to stress out too much though. Indoor laundry racks are often built with the typical family washing machine load in mind and hence you should be able to find one that suits your requirements. For example, the smallest load capacity Steigen offers is 35kg, which is more than able to handle multiple washing machine loads. 

Keep in mind that a laundry rack system is an investment for the future so if you plan to have children later on, it might be useful to get a larger rack that would make indoor drying even easier. Especially for heavy-duty laundries like bedsheets and duvets.


3. Drop Down Height 

When thinking about space constraints, do not forget to take into account that an automated laundry rack retracts down from the ceiling for you to hang your clothes. Apart from measuring length and width, you will need to consider the height as well.

Generally speaking, unless you have a higher than usual ceiling height, this should not be a concern. But it is always useful to know how low your laundry rack system can extend and whether or not you can reach it comfortably to hang your clothes with ease.

Getting a laundry rack for your home is an exciting opportunity for homeowners. It can completely revolutionise the way you wash and dry your clothes, in addition to saving you time, money, space, and effort.

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