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4 Benefits Of An Automated Laundry Rack

4 Benefits Of An Automated Laundry Rack

4 Benefits Of An Automated Laundry Rack

In a country where the mean temperature hovers around 28 degrees Celsius, one might think drying clothes would be a breeze.

You could not be further from the truth. Our tropical climate also means HDB owners in Singapore are at constant war with the weather. Having to frequently worry about a sudden storm ruining that batch of clothes we hung out to dry, is an added stress we do not need in our already busy lives.

There are solutions in the form of indoor clothesline drying and using a dryer. But they each come with their own set of problems. One alternative is to spring for an automated laundry system from Steigen that not only addresses the issues with drying clothes indoors, but also comes with a host of benefits for homeowners.

It saves space automated laundry rack Singapore1. It saves space

Dryers do what they say on the box. They use hot air to draw moisture from your clothes to dry them. But they’re also large, clunky home appliances that take up a significant amount of space. Indoor clotheslines also suffer from the same problem and affect the look of a home as well.

These are known issues that Steigen is aware of, and we set out to solve them. Our Solar Series automated laundry racks hang from the ceiling and extend downwards as and when you need to dry your clothes. Once done, they neatly fold back up into the ceiling. Artfully designed, with a modern chic aesthetic, it’s the perfect complement to a well-decorated home.

2. It saves on bills

Dryers use electricity, and a lot of it. These power-guzzling appliances need anywhere between 2,000 and 6,000 watts to generate enough heat to dry your clothes. With electricity prices trending upwards, it might be a smart move to switch to a Steigen clothes drying rack in Singapore that only consumes 720 watts. Much lower than most conventional dryers and lighter on your wallet in the long term.

Less taxing on the body automated laundry rack Singapore3. Less taxing on the body

Although clothes drying on bamboo poles is still a fairly common sight in Singapore, it’s becoming less popular among the younger generation. And with good reason too. Putting out a bamboo pole lined with heavy wet clothes is a task that needs a good amount of strength and coordination. One little slip and the bamboo pole, along with your freshly laundered clothes, might go free-falling down to the ground floor. 

Of course with a Steigen automated laundry system, trying to delicately slot a bamboo pole out the window would be a thing of the past. Hang out your clothes to dry in relative ease and comfort at home. And rest assured you will not have to take the walk of shame to the first floor to pick up your dropped laundry.

Innovative indoor drying technology automated laundry rack Singapore

4. Innovative indoor drying technology

While indoor laundry drying means you’ll never have to worry about the weather, it comes with its drawbacks. Using a traditional indoor clothesline, along with Singapore’s high humidity, is a recipe for musty laundry odours, mildew, and bacteria to inhabit your clothes.

Fortunately, that is old news. Our Steigen Solar Alpha and Solar Ultra models come with inbuilt ionisers to rid your clothes of any funky smells to keep them fresh and bacteria free.

For many of us who grew up in HDBs, using an automated laundry rack in Singapore can seem like an unfamiliar experience. But for homeowners, it offers an innovative solution to drying clothes while also serving as a charming part of your house décor. 

Getting your clothes laundered should not be a chore that is subject to the whims of the weather. Invest in a Steigen automated laundry system today and never look back. Book your free site measurements today and sign up with us to enjoy $80 storewide off.

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