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6 Laundry Spaces That’ll Make You Want To Redo Yours

6 Laundry Spaces That’ll Make You Want To Redo Yours

A dream home is on every homeowner’s list. Beautifully crafted interiors, alongside an ensemble of matching furnishing, and appliances with excellent features.

It’s hard to believe that household appliances can be trendy but here we are. Whether you are looking for interior inspiration or planning to remodel your laundry space, we have you covered.

scandinavian solar pro midnight blue
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight in Blue


White everything is the hallmark trait of a Scandinavian interior. So, why not switch it up with blue instead? Still keeping to a minimalist theme, add a pop of colour for a charming twist. From pale to deep blue, the choices are endless. Stick to the blue theme with our Solar Pro in Midnight Blue. Plus, it comes with an inbuilt Ioniser to remove musty laundry odour and a Dust Mite Repeller to minimise dust mites on clothes.

modern farmhouse solar pro midnight green
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green 

Modern Farmhouse

Striking just the right balance of country and contemporary, the modern farmhouse interior offers a cosy look that is bursting with character. Take cues from this kitchen space and modernise the theme with the Solar Pro in Midnight Green. 

monochrome solar pro eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse


Monochrome is one of the most classic interior designs out there. Depending on your risk-taking gut, we have both contrasting black and white options – Solar Pro in Eclipse or White. Afraid of committing to an all-black design? Try using black furnishings, as it will be easier to switch them out if you wish to spice things up in the future.

retro solar sonic blush
System featured: Solar Sonic in Blush


Don’t leave our laundry space out of the fun. Pink appliances might feel like an odd choice, but in this home, it is the perfect touch. Pair with pastel green and you have yourself a cool retro yard without coming on too strong. 

mid century solar sonic graphite
System featured: Solar Sonic in Graphite


Mid-century modern design is known for its play of colours and geometric shapes. If your space is already bedecked in patterned tiles, opt for furnishing colours that match your walls or cabinets. Complete the look with the Solar Sonic in Graphite that is sure to impress anyone. It even operates like a regular ceiling light but with 3 different light options instead (White light, Cool white and Warm white).

industrial solar sonic silver
System featured: Solar Sonic in Silver 


Adding other wood and metal elements is necessary to further create the industrial effect. If you have the space, go with the Solar Sonic in Silver. It will allow more floor space and add an industrial look to your home. And the best thing? It can fast dry your laundry.

Spoilt for choices

With more than 5 colours to choose from, there is bound to be one that matches your home interior no matter how unique it is. You never have to forgo functionality or aesthetics to attain your dream home. 

To top things off, enjoy $55 storewide off when you sign up with us. Go ahead and stack our trade-in discounts when you trade in your automated laundry racks or manual clothes drying rack. We even offer free site measurements to ensure the system’s fit. Looking for more deals? Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates. 

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