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A Money-saving Laundry Tip Every Homeowner Should know

A Money-saving Laundry Tip Every Homeowner Should know

We want the same things. A multipurpose product that not only saves money but time too. It has to look good or at least match the house theme. And, it cannot occupy too much space. Most importantly, it needs to get the job done. 

Good news for we have a tried and tested solution! The Steigen automated laundry system is probably the best way to go, and here’s why.

A money saving laundry tip every homeowner should know solar pro midnight blue steigen

System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Blue

The lifespan of a 5000w dryer is usually 5 years, and it uses up to 7800 kilowatts of energy in its lifetime. That alone will rack up close to $2500 in electricity bills^.

On the other hand, the Solar Drying function of a Steigen automated laundry drying system is rated at only 0.8 kWh which is 6 times more energy-efficient than a conventional dryer. To top things off, an hour of Solar Drying is only 30 cents. 

Compared to the 5000w dryer (3-hour usage twice a week), you would only be spending slightly over $350 on electricity bills in 5 years, which is 84% cheaper than a regular tumble dryer*. 

Here’s a simple breakdown and comparison chart of the various drying systems:

Steigen price breakdown 2022

The new and improved 60ºC Quad Core Solar Drying offers faster drying performance at a lower energy consumption as compared to our earlier series. Plus, an 8-way Circulator Blower for better heat distribution. 

What’s more, the new series offers a 6-hour and 3-hour Solar Drying cycle that simultaneously activates the inbuilt Ioniser and Dust Mite Repeller when switched on – one button to rule them all.

Our advice: If you use something regularly and can cut back on electrical bills in the long run, go for it. Additionally, you save more when you buy a multipurpose product. So, why not invest in a Steigen automated laundry system? 

From installation to warranty, all of our prices have these essentials included with zero hidden cost. Even our site measurements are free of charge and non-obligatory!

Saving money on electricity bills does not have to be complicated, especially with Steigen. Sign up with us and enjoy $55 off storewide (including the latest Solar Pro and Solar Sonic). Even trade in your existing automated laundry racks or manual clothes drying rack for extra discounts.

Keen on the system but unsure of the fit? We also offer free site measurements to better assess your space, zero obligation and not compulsory. 


This article is based on spin dried cotton t-shirts and jeans in normal weather on Solar Pro.

^ Energy consumption audit calculation formula and information from SP Group. Based on SP Group Sept 2022 at $0.3017/kWh (before 7% GST).

3 hour cycle, two times a week for five years: 

5 kilowatts x 3 hour-cycle = 15 kilowatts

15 kilowatts x 2 times a week = 30 kilowatts

30 kilowatts x 52 weeks = 1560 kilowatts

1560 kilowatts x 5 years = 7800 kilowatts

7800 kilowatts x $0.2990/kWh = $2353.26


*Calculations based on Solar Pro Solar Drying feature only. Based on SP Group Sept 2022 at $0.3017/kWh (before 7% GST).

0.8 kilowatts x 3 hour-cycle = 2.4 kilowatts

2.4 kilowatts x 2 times a week = 4.8 kilowatts

4.8 kilowatts x 52 weeks = 249.6 kilowatts

249.6 kilowatts x 5 years = 1248 kilowatts

1248 kilowatts x $0.3017/kWh = $376.52

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