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4 Dazzling Retro-Inspired Service Yards To Groove In

4 Dazzling Retro-Inspired Service Yards To Groove In

With a nod to bygone eras and a flair for nostalgia, retro-inspired laundry spaces take a delightful trip down memory lane while jazzing up the mundane task of drying laundry. So, dust off your vinyl records and take a blast from the past with these 4 retro-inspired styles for your service yard that will have you dancing the night away.  

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver 

Floral Retro

Drawing inspiration from the 60s groovy era, Floral Retro infuses your space with floral motifs and a modern pastel palette. Check out wallpaper or tiles featuring oversized florals in muted psychedelic hues like light pinks, beige and muted greens. Complete the vintage look with the Solar Pro which boasts rounded edges, creating a space that exudes nostalgia and whimsy.

The Sun’s warm rays are amazing for drying clothes outdoors but overexposure to UV rays will lead to colour fading and faster wear and tear on clothes. Not to mention, UV rays are harmful to you! With Steigen automated laundry systems, fast dry your clothes with zero UV. Similar to drying outdoors under direct sunlight, the 60ºC heat from the system will penetrate your wet clothes leaving them completely dry and fluffy in no time. 

 System featured: Solar Pro in Silver

Retro Futurism

This minimalist design combines both past and futuristic aesthetics: Metallic surfaces and bold geometric patterns. Install stainless steel/chrome appliances and countertops in your kitchen, complemented by glossy cabinets for a sleek and futuristic feel. Incorporate pops of neon accents for a stylish retreat. 

For the tech-savvy homeowners, sync the Solar Pro to your phone or Google Home and activate it via voice commands. Receive notification alerts with the Steigen Home app and set “Hands-free” laundry cannot get better than this!  

 System featured: Solar Mini in White 

Modern Retro

Merge the best of both worlds with Modern Retro, blending contemporary design elements with nostalgic charm. This translates to clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and eclectic accents in your laundry space. Balance retro furnishing with contemporary touches like Solar Mini in White for a timeless yet modern twist.

Compact homes mean leveraging multipurpose furnishing–floating shelves, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and corner drawers. Complementing such tight spaces, the Solar Mini will fit right in. Fully extended at 1.65m, this automated laundry system easily fits into BTO service yards. Preset the drop height (up to 1.35m) to stop right above your countertops so you never have to worry about backaches when doing laundry.   

 System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Diner Retro 

Diner Retro-inspired space would only be complete with iconic checkered floor tiles that pay homage to the golden age of diners. Integrate sleek chrome finishes into your laundry area through cabinet hardware and diner-style stools, adding a polished elegance to the space.

Clueless about where to start? Book our free site measurement to get things rolling. From system recommendations to power source discussion, our Site Measurement Expert can help ease your first-time homeowner anxiety.  


Disco Fever

Whether you prefer the whimsical charm or nostalgic appeal, there is a retro style to suit every taste and preference. Transform everyday laundry chores into delightful experiences with Steigen while infusing your home with undeniable flair and personality. 

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