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4 Famous Painting Inspirations For Your Service Yard

4 Famous Painting Inspirations For Your Service Yard

Picture this: A forgotten corner of your home (often your service yard) is now reborn as a vibrant canvas that sparks conversation. 

Merging the vibrancy of famous paintings with the practicality of home spaces is not just a trend—it is a journey into the heart of creativity.

Breathe new life and style with these 4 ideas inspired by famous paintings and artists,  transforming typically mundane service yards into masterpieces.

System featured: Solar Pro in White

Pablo Picasso 

Picasso's bold and dynamic compositions serve as the perfect muse for a modern and eclectic interior. Consider incorporating sleek appliances with clean lines and unexpected pops of colour or geometric shapes reminiscent of Picasso's work. Balance the space with Solar Pro in White to maintain a sense of minimalism and sophistication.

Modern design calls for modern technology. Switch on the 60ºC Solar Drying to speed up your laundry drying routine. Combined with 4 BLDC motors, the angled fan blades whip up an 8-Way Wind Direction to thoroughly push wind into the clothes and push moisture out of them. 

System featured: Solar Pro in Blush

Claude Monet 

Escape to the serene countryside with a laundry space inspired by Claude Monet's picturesque landscapes. Channel the artist's love for nature by incorporating rustic elements, natural materials, and soft pastel hues. Check out Solar Pro in Blush for a charming farmhouse aesthetic. Integrate warm wood tones and distressed finishes to enhance the cosy ambience. 

At the touch of a button, lower the system to your chest level (up to 1.3m) and dry laundry comfortably without straining your back and arms. For the tech-savvy, pair your system with the Steigen Home app and toggle the system on the go. Set weather-based triggers to activate the drying features, receive notification alerts when drying is completed and more.

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Yayoi Kusama 

Yayoi Kusama's iconic Pumpkin sculpture is a vibrant source of inspiration for a bold and contemporary service yard. Embrace a striking colour palette of black and yellow accents reminiscent of Kusama's distinctive style. Besides black cabinetry and shelving, pair the space with Solar Pro in Eclipse for a modern edge.

Worried that your carpentry will get in the way? Book a free site measurement with us! Based on your space and surrounding furnishing, let us recommend a system that will fit perfectly in your home.

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver

Vincent Van Gogh 

Transport yourself to a dreamy nocturnal landscape with a space inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's timeless masterpiece, "Starry Night." A soothing colour palette of blue hues accented by subtle touches of yellow to evoke the painting's celestial atmosphere. Complete the look with Solar Pro in Silver to mimic the ethereal glow of the stars. 

Plus, it comes with a 3-tone LED light–white light, natural white and warm light–to enhance the ambience with soft, diffused lighting.  

Just picture it

Elements from famous paintings can transform your home into a captivating and personalised sanctuary. Whether you are drawn to the bold cubism of Picasso or the tranquil lilies of Monet, let your imagination soar as you embark on a journey of artistic exploration within your own home.

Kickstart your exploration journey with Steigen’s group buy deal. Choose between a range of systems across 4 different colours to match any interiors. The best part, you may select an installation date more than a year later as long as an order is placed. Time to lock in this deal now!

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