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4 Designs Echoing Nordic Charm For Your Service Yard

4 Designs Echoing Nordic Charm For Your Service Yard


When it comes to interior design, the simple aesthetics of Scandinavian styles have long captured the hearts of homeowners worldwide. However, there is a world of design inspiration beyond Scandinavian that beautifully mirrors its essence. 

Explore 4 inviting interior designs that are not strictly Scandinavian but share the same spirit of simplicity, functionality, and warmth. From the charming vibes of Scandifornian to the balanced principles of Lagom, these alternatives offer a fresh take on Nordic-inspired interiors.

Scandifornian Solar Pro in Silver

 System featured: Solar Pro in Silver


This is where the clean lines and muted colours of Scandinavian design blend seamlessly with the laid-back, sun-soaked vibes of California. Scandifornian effortlessly combines the best of both worlds, introducing a touch of bohemian flair to the classic Scandinavian palette. Think of warm wooden accents, cosy textiles, and a sprinkle of greenery amidst a backdrop of neutral tones. 

Designed to distribute wind in 8 different directions, 60ºC air emitted from the Solar Pro will be evenly distributed around–and in between–your wet laundry when drying. Besides, this automated laundry system has a Cool Breeze option to dry clothes made with delicate materials such as silk, chiffon, and cashmere.

Hygge Solar Mini in White
System featured: Solar Mini in White


While Hygge is a quintessentially Danish concept, its influence has spread far beyond Denmark's borders. Embracing the cosy and comfortable elements of Hygge, homeowners can create inviting sanctuaries wherever they are (yes, even your service yard!). From soft lighting to adding layers of plush textiles, the goal is to craft a space that encourages relaxation and takes time away from the hustle and bustle of life–the true essence of Hygge. 

Everybody loves an easy solution to drying clothes indoors. Lowering to 1.35m, anyone can dry laundry at a comfortable height without straining their back with Steigen automated laundry systems. Even your kids can help you out!

Lagom Solar Pro in Eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse


Hailing from Sweden, Lagom celebrates the beauty of balance and moderation with a sophisticated approach. Lagom is also about the harmonious blend of form and function: Opting for furnishing with a stylish aesthetic without compromising on functionality. 

Take Solar Pro in Eclipse for instance. Sleek and fitting in any service yard, this automated laundry system features an 8-Way Wind Direction and combines a 60ºC Solar Drying technology to ensure laundry is dried swiftly without over-drying it. The large coverage ensures that warm air reaches even the clothes hanging on the ends of the extended poles with zero blind spots!

Warm Minimalism Solar Pro in White
System featured: Solar Pro in White

Warm Minimalism

Often associated with cool, sleek interiors, warm minimalism on the other hand introduces a touch of cosiness to the mix. Inspired by Nordic design principles, warm minimalism retains the clean lines, symmetry and simplicity of traditional minimalism but adds warmth through natural materials and warm colour accents. 

Good discussion with your interior designer is always needed to ensure electrical wires are hidden and trunking is minimally used. Team up with our Site Measurement Experts to get the best placement for your system. Our free site measurement is never compulsory but recommended if you are new to this. 


Beauty in choices 

Whether you opt for the sun-soaked vibes of Scandifornian or the cosy, chic Lagom elegance, pair it with a Steigen automated laundry system to match your interior and switch up your laundry routine. 

Enjoy multiple discounts with our exclusive Group Buy deal where installation, delivery and on-site warranty for the system are all included. This is your sign to let your service yard become a curated space for your laundry journey. After all, laundry is a never-ending commitment. 

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