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10 Needs & Wants For Your Dream Automated Laundry System

10 Needs & Wants For Your Dream Automated Laundry System

Laundry is the eternal chore that consumes our nights and weekends, leaving us yearning for more time. But what if there was a solution that could transform this mundane task into a breeze? 

Enter the automated laundry system–a game-changer in the world of household appliances. From fast drying to smart home connectivity, these cutting-edge systems offer a plethora of features to make laundry day a thing of the past. 

So, what should you consider when shopping for one? Let's dive in.

1. Hot air drying

For busy individuals who bulk wash laundry or households with more than 4 headcounts, laundry drying assistance is highly recommended, especially during the rainy season. If your family includes young children, all the more reason to install such a system as 60ºC is the ideal temperature to rid germs and bacteria on your clothes while fast-drying them. 

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini

2. Space-saving design

In today's BTO spaces, maximising every square inch counts. Look for a system that offers a space-saving design, effortlessly fitting into even the tightest of service yards, balconies or rooms. With clever planning, you can reclaim valuable floor space without compromising on functionality.

Recommended system(s): Solar Mini

3. Up-down lifting function

After a long day in the office, does your back ache even more while doing chores? An up-down lifting function allows for effortless manoeuvring of heavy clothes, eliminating the need to strain your arms and back. This ergonomic feature not only enhances convenience but also reduces the risk of injury.

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini, Flexi

4. Generous load capacity

For larger households or busy individuals, a generous load capacity is a must! Seek out a system that can dry more than 30kg of clothes in a single cycle, saving you time by tackling mountains of laundry with ease. Fun fact: An average washer offers a 10kg wash load which is approximately 20 pieces of clothing. 

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini, Flexi

5. Odour control and anti-dustmite

From toddlers with nasal allergies to adults with sensitive skin, an inbuilt Ioniser in your automated laundry system can help combat allergens on your garments such as dust mites, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable environment. The ions emitted will trap allergens and gently remove them from your clothes. 

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro

 6. Zero UV exposure

Protect your delicate garments–and yourself!–from harmful UV rays with a system that has zero UV exposure. Plus, preserve the quality and lifespan of your clothes while enjoying the convenience of automated laundry drying. 

This is a must-have especially for households with young children as they should not encounter overexposure to UV rays even when running amok at home.

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini, Flexi

7. Additional clothing pegs

If you have young children or infants, you know how tough it is to keep up with their dirty laundry. With built-in clips, keep socks, underwear, and other petite items securely in place during the drying process. 

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini, Flexi

8. Smart home/mobile app connectivity 

The tech-savvy will never stop singing praises of the convenience of smart homes and mobile apps. Control and monitor your automated laundry system remotely, allowing for seamless integration into your busy lifestyle. Receive notifications when your laundry is done or adjust settings on the go–the possibilities are endless.

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini

9. Power-saving efficiency

Trying to go green or need some help lowering utility bills? In today's eco-conscious world, energy efficiency is a top priority. Look for an automated laundry system equipped with BLDC fan motors to minimise electricity consumption without compromising performance. 

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini, Flexi

10. Extensive warranty coverage

Most home appliances are expensive. Hence, it is natural to want assurance that every dollar is well spent. 

Look for a brand that stands behind its product with a comprehensive warranty, covering parts and labour for an extended period without any hidden costs. A robust warranty not only protects your investment but also assures that any potential issues will be promptly addressed by qualified technicians. 

Recommended system(s): Solar Pro, Solar Sonic, Solar Mini, Flexi

Switch on your detective mode

When shopping for an automated laundry system, consider your specific needs and preferences. With a multitude of useful features, Solar Pro is a great benchmark to compare with other automated laundry systems. 

We are here to knock your socks off! No matter the housing type, Steigen has a group buy deal for you. Not to mention, you may even cart out via various buy-now-pay later options for 0% interest 3 or 4 months instalment plans.

The perfect system is out there waiting to revolutionise your laundry drying routine.

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