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Cheat Code to The Best Steigen Automated Laundry System Deals

Cheat Code to The Best Steigen Automated Laundry System Deals

Transforming your laundry routine with an automated laundry system never has to be a budget-buster–in fact, it can be a savvy shopper's triumph! 

With a bit of research and a sprinkle of patience, you can up your laundry game without sending your bank account into a spin. Get ready to welcome efficiency into your home without breaking a sweat or the bank. 

Trade in your existing rack

Here at Steigen, we want to “pay” you to get rid of your existing laundry rack. Trade in your manual rack or automated system of another brand and knock off up to $50. 

- $20 discount for manual racks (eg. ceiling mounted bamboo rack, HDB pulley system, foldable system).

- $50 trade-in discount for an automated system of another brand.

After deciding on the colour of your preferred Steigen automated laundry system, select the rack you would like to trade in and the discount will be applied accordingly.

We also accept trade-ins for existing Steigen systems. Drop us a WhatsApp message with your order number for more information. 

*The trade-in program is only applicable to regular-priced systems. 

Group Buy Deals

More reasons for new homeowners to celebrate!: Exclusive group buy deals offer a range of discounts, no matter the housing type–new BTOs, resale and condominiums. The best part is that no minimum group buy quantity is required to unlock this promotion.  

Stack promo code

Keep an eye on major sales events throughout the year on our social media–Instagram, Facebook, TikTok–to score a Steigen system at a fraction of the regular retail price.

If you have a friend who has already purchased and installed a Steigen automated laundry system, quote their unique referral code (10-digit alpha-numerical code) and enjoy $100 off your Steigen system. Plus, your friend will receive a Fairprice e-voucher once the system has been successfully installed.

Check out via BNPL

Cashback and buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) apps are a savvy shopper's best friend. Steigen actively works with various BNPL apps to bring you the best stackable deals. 

New to BNPL? Even better! Most BNPL apps offer exclusive discounts for your first order with them. Occasionally, they might have category deals–regardless of new or existing members–so keep your eyes peeled.

Cheap deals, cheap thrills

Achieving a great deal on your dream automated laundry system is within reach with the right moves. By combining the power of promo codes, exclusive group buy deals, and buy-now-pay-later options, you can transform a seemingly expensive purchase into an affordable investment. 

It is high time your laundry room undergoes a revolutionary transformation without putting a dent in your budget. Happy shopping!

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