4 Laundry Resolutions For 2021

4 Laundry Resolutions For 2021

The idea of sticking to your New Year resolutions for a full year can be daunting but we are here to assure you that even the smallest change can have a huge impact on your life. 


While most might focus on living a healthy lifestyle and others are striving to spend more time with the family, we are here to help you plan some serious laundry-related 2021 resolutionswhich you can turn into good habits!


Here’s a list on how to get your laundry organised for a cleaner new year.

1. Make Sorting Laundry Easier

When your laundry basket is piled sky high, sorting out your whites from the rest can be annoyingly tiresome. Instead of having only one giant laundry hamper, swoop it out for two medium-sized baskets to easily separate your whites from the darks. You can even have a mini basket to house smaller garments like socks so they never go missing.


2. Laundry Shall Not Be Left In The Washer Overnight

It happens. We toss the clothes in the washer and merrily head off to bed only to realise in the morning that the washing has been sitting out overnight. The reality is that wet laundry left clumped up overnight will smell bad. And, the only way to get rid of the smell is to wash it again. Tip: Set a reminder on your phone to pick up where you left off. 


3. Laundry Should Be Folded Promptly

Whether you are drying your washing manually on the pole or using a dryer, you should nurture the habit of folding your laundry once it has dried. 

As tempting as it is to leave everything to the weekends, piling clothes up in the laundry room can look quite messy. Plus, folding your laundry and keeping it in your wardrobe would make your laundry space look much neater and more spacious.


4. Avoid Becoming A Laundry Procrastinator

Everyone is guilty of procrastination and we are all familiar with the regret that comes after. Instead of snowballing your laundry till the very last minute, set aside certain days to spread out your chore so it will be less taxing. By doing laundry bit by bit, you would have more time to get accustomed to this new habit of yours.


Make Laundry Days Effortless

Whether you are a new homeowner struggling with chores or a filial daughter/son looking to make drying easier for your parents, we have just the solution for you!

Steigen Singapore offers a humble range of automated laundry systems that are bound to change your views on indoor drying. From our signature Solar Drying technique, advanced allergy and hygiene care technology to even safety precautionary measures, the Steigen systems provide a wholesome fix to any drying problem. Not to mention, an hour of Solar Drying will only set you back $0.13/hour*.  

Believe it or not, even seasoned laundry do-ers won’t say no to extra help from Steigen – why shouldn’t you too? 


*Based on SP Group July 2020 at $0.2302/kWh (w/o GST).

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