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4 Magical Service Yards Inspired by Your Favourite Stories

4 Magical Service Yards Inspired by Your Favourite Stories

Home is where the heart is, and what better way to infuse your space with the magic of your favourite stories? 

From cosy corners inspired by Ghibli's quiet introspection to Disney-themed tea parties, Hogwarts-worthy enchanting details and romantic Bridgerton charms, bring the essence of storytelling right into your service yard. 

Your very own magical haven awaits!

Disney-inspired Solar Pro White
System featured: Solar Pro in White


All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust–and maybe Steigen too? Capture the heart of Disney with a soft and dreamy colour palette. And, pay attention to small details–drawer knobs, kitchenware, a hidden Mickey or two–that make a big impact. Try pairing the Solar Pro in White for a seamless look. 

Besides drying up to 3 wash loads, the system lowers to a comfortable drop height of 1.3m so you can do laundry effortlessly. Plus, the Solar Pro is equipped with an inbuilt Ioniser to provide odour control and minimise dust mites on your laundry. 

Harry Potter-inspired Solar Pro Eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in White

Harry Potter-inspired

Cast a spell with rich, earthy tones and deep, regal hues reminiscent of Hogwarts' corridors and the iconic 9 ¾ platform. Adorn your service yard with quirky apothecary jars, potion bottles and flickering candles to further echo the magic of Hogwarts. Our spellbinding tip? Check out the Solar Pro in Eclipse to whiz through drying laundry. With a 60ºC 8-Core Solar Drying and 8-way Circulator Blower, that is Steigen’s version of a Time-Turner hourglass for drying laundry.

Bridgerton-inspired Solar Pro Silver
System featured: Solar Pro in White


Indulge in the opulence and romance of the Regency era with a Bridgerton-inspired space that oozes sophistication and charm. Set up a whimsical laundry nook with vintage-style and contemporary pieces to keep the space extravagant yet modern. Epitome of timeless elegance, the Solar Pro in Silver would fit in perfectly. 

Studio Ghilbi-inspired Solar Pro White
System featured: Solar Pro in White

Studio Ghibli-inspired

Think of the lush forests, serene riversides, and clear skies that often grace Ghibli films. Embrace the earthy tones of nature by incorporating soft greens, warm browns, and soothing blues into your decor. Besides fast drying laundry, create a warm ambience with the 3-tone light on the Solar Pro.

Magical moments

With these captivating ideas, you will easily weave magic into your home, especially the service yard. Here is another magical moment: Check out Steigen's Group Buy deals today! 

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