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4 Pinterest keywords for neutral-themed service yard interiors

4 Pinterest keywords for neutral-themed service yard interiors

When it comes to finding inspiration for your dream home, Pinterest stands as an endless treasure trove of ideas. However, to navigate through this vast sea of possibilities, you need the right keywords to unlock the hidden gems. 

Let us guide you through the art of searching up style-specific keywords on Pinterest for that perfect neutral-themed home that matches your style. Happy searching and happy pinning!

cali surf shack Solar Pro WhiteSystem featured: Solar Pro in White

Cali surf shack

Dive into a world of sun-soaked hues and coastal vibes with the California surf shack design. Picture reclaimed wood flooring, rattan accents, and subtle ocean-inspired furnishing. Keeping to the laid-back theme, the Solar Pro in White will not only ease laundry chores but blend seamlessly with the interior. Plus, dry up to 3 washing loads–even items as large as a king-sized bedsheet–in one sitting with the 60ºC 8-Core Solar Drying and 8-way Wind Direction. 

Other similar keywords: Hawaiian summer, minimalist coastal, California casual 

English estate interior Solar Pro Eclipse

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

English estate interior

Step into the picturesque landscapes of rural England with a charming English estate interior that exudes warmth and rustic elegance. Capture the idyllic tranquillity of the countryside with a colour palette inspired by nature—soft earthy tones and muted greys. Complete the space with Solar Pro in Eclipse which comes with a 3-tone LED light to suit any ambience. Beautiful innit? 

Other similar keywords: English country estate, French country estate

Danish pastel decor Solar Mini White

System featured: Solar Mini in White

Danish pastel decor

Inspired by the crowd-favourite Scandinavian aesthetic, plunge into the whimsical world of Danish pastel decor, where sorbet pastels and minimalist design meet to create a serene and inviting space. Go for minimalistic furnishings like the Solar Mini in White that focuses on functionality without compromising on style. If tackling tight spaces is your key concern, book a free site measurement to clear any doubts. From 1-to-1 consultation to a dedicated e-report, our Site Measurement Expert will guide you through selecting a system that best fits your space and needs. 

Other similar keywords: Colourful Danish interior, mid-century with pastel details

Modern Parisian Solar Pro Silver

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver

Modern Parisian

Whether you are sipping coffee in a stylish bistro-inspired kitchen or lounging on a chic balcony, the Modern Parisian design will transport you to the heart of Paris, where elegance and sophistication reign supreme. Start with a neutral colour palette of soft greys, creams, and whites. Next, include opulent touches like gilded mirrors and chandeliers to exude Parisian grandeur. Further nail the luxurious look with Solar Pro in Silver. Don't forget fresh flowers—peonies or roses—to add a touch of romance.

Other similar keywords: Cosy Parisian apartment, Parisian chic

Lucky finds

With millions of images and a diverse community of designers and enthusiasts, Pinterest offers a boundless source of inspiration at your fingertips. Hopefully, with this guide, you will be one step closer to finding the neutral-themed interior that truly resonates with you.

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