What to Expect With The Improved Solar Evo Series (Gen 2)

What to Expect With The Improved Solar Evo Series (Gen 2)

Tired of waiting around for your laundry to dry? Yearning for a solution that saves time, electricity, and effort? Your wishes are about to come true with our improved Steigen automated laundry systems! 

Imagine a world where your damp laundry transforms into soft, fluffy perfection with minimal effort from you. But that is not all–we have taken fresh laundry to a whole new level. 

Get ready to embrace drying laundry like never before (bring on the rainy days!)

lastest trademarked design Solar Pro

1. Latest trademarked vent design

Nothing is worse than wasting your precious weekend doing chores. Now you can breeze through laundry drying with the new vent design. The vents were widened by a whooping 40% to allow more air volume to reach your laundry. Plus, the new layout would provide better accessibility for light cleaning.

4 full-sized BLDC fan motors

2. 4 full-sized BLDC fan motors

A multitude of factors can affect air volume. Take blade size and curvature for instance. Curved blades allow air to move faster which increases the blade rotation. The larger the blade curvature, the greater the kinetic energy (Fun fact: Anything that moves has kinetic energy!). The 20% bigger fan blades can sweep larger surface areas, hence, generating 110% larger air volume.

Air Volume coverage (CFM) in a room

Combining these factors with a strong wind turbine will ultimately result in bigger cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM indicates the amount of air volume moving per minute. That’s why we say, ‘Go big or go home!’

2-in-1 Sol Ion™ inbuilt Ioniser

3. New 2-in-1 Sol Ion™

Plasma ions, also known as Biopolar ionisation, is a technology that generates positive and negative ions. These two differently charged ions help combat musty laundry odour and thoroughly prevent the breeding and feeding cycles of dust mites. Exclusive to Steigen Solar Pro, the inbuilt Ioniser will automatically be activated when any drying functions are switched on. 

The best part is you never have to change any “filter”! The ions are produced using electricity with zero filtration involved. Any bacteria trapped in the ions will clump together and fall to the ground as dust.

Solar Pro Eclipse

4. Improved Indicator

With the design of the new vents, the RGB LED indicator gets an uplift too. Directly above the 3-tone LED light, this new indicator offers a more prominent placement for users, providing a better user experience. The indicator uses the same RGB colours for the various features as our previous series.

3h Solar Drying: Red light

6h Solar Drying: Purple light

3h Cool Breeze Drying: Green light

WiFi pairing/Standby mode: Blue light

Everybody loves new things

Still sitting on the fence? Book a free site measurement and let us convince you to jump on our bandwagon. Even if you change your mind after, all is well! Our site measurements are 100% non-obligatory and you will still receive a dedicated site e-report detailing our system and installation recommendations. 

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