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4 Single-Tone Service Yard Interiors For HDB Homeowners

4 Single-Tone Service Yard Interiors For HDB Homeowners

The thrill of becoming a new homeowner comes with an exciting opportunity: A chance to transform your service yard into a haven of style and tranquillity.

If you are in search of interior inspirations that oozes fuss-free elegance, look no further than single-tone interiors. These harmonious spaces embrace the art of simplicity while creating a sophisticated atmosphere that is both inviting and endlessly versatile.

Make way for the captivating trend that has been quietly making its mark!

Solar Pro in Eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Coffee is the epitome of warmth and richness. The abundant earthy brown tones can be introduced through wooden furnishings, leather upholstery, or even walls. If dark themes are up your alley, check out the Solar Pro in Eclipse for an I-prefer-my-coffee-black-like-my-soul vibe. 

Solar Pro in Silver

System featured: Solar Sonic in Silver


Sage no doubt adds a touch of nature's serenity to the interior. The soft and muted green hue makes a popular choice for those seeking a relaxed ambience yet wish to have a subtle splash of colour in their home. Another great way to subtly spice things up, pair the Solar Sonic in Silver in a room of sage. Besides drying laundry quickly, all Steigen automated laundry systems feature a 3-tone LED light to complement any interior too.

Solar Pro in Silver

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver


Grey, with its varying shades from light to dark, brings forth a timeless elegance that is both understated and refined. Light grey accents in decorative accessories add depth to the space. Darker shades of grey can be used sparingly for contrast, grounding the room and enhancing its visual appeal. Sticking to cool undertones, the Solar Pro in Silver will match beautifully. On top of matching your interiors, the Solar Pro features astonishingly fast laundry drying capabilities from a 60ºC 8-Core Solar Drying to 8-way Wind Direction.


Solar Mini in White
System featured: Solar Mini in White


Beige, often considered the quintessential neutral, serves as the ideal canvas for crafting a soothing interior. The warm undertone evokes a sense of comfort, making it the classic choice for walls, ceilings, and even furniture. If space is a constraint, consider the Solar Mini in White. Whoever said you have to forgo aesthetics over functionality? Book a free site measurement and let us help you with the system fit.

Simplicity at its finest

Single-tone interiors may sound boring, but they can be a work of art when done well. Here is another doing-it-right moment: Check out our group buy deal to enjoy discounts on our automated laundry systems. 

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