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Get lower electrical bills with Steigen automated laundry systems

Get lower electrical bills with Steigen automated laundry systems

We have all been there–tossing a load of freshly washed clothes into the trusty old dryer, only to be hit with a sinking feeling when the monthly electrical bill arrives. Traditional dryers are undoubtedly notorious culprits when it comes to racking up electrical expenses.

A 5000w dryer uses up to 7800 kilowatts of energy in its lifetime (approximately 5 years). That appliance alone will set you back $2268.60 on its electricity bills in those 5 years^

Luckily, technological evolution has made a significant impact in the laundry room. Homeowners are now presented with an opportunity to not only make their lives more convenient but also eco-friendly by switching to automated laundry systems. 

Compared to the 5000w dryer (3-hour usage twice a week), you would only be spending approximately $400* on electricity bills in 5 years when using a Steigen indoor automated drying rack. The signature 60ºC 8-Ccore Solar Drying feature of a Steigen automated laundry system is rated at 0.921kWh which is 5 times more energy-efficient than a traditional dryer. An hour of Solar Drying will only set you back 26 cents.

Solar Pro vs Dryer

Engineered and designed to make drying laundry effortless while providing proper fabric care, the recently launched Solar Evo Series (Gen 2) introduces a range of improvements. From 4 full-sized BLDC fan motors with larger fan blades and wider vents to an improved 2-in-1 Sol Ion™ on Solar Pro, the iconic Steigen systems get a fresh revamp inside out. 

The new improvements make way for more than 175,000 cm3 of air volume coverage (CFM) and a 50% longer air length that is targeted to further reach the hems of your clothes. Beyond drying, the large air volume coverage ensures that moisture is evaporated gently without over-drying any fabrics.

As we move further into the 21st century, it is clear that automated laundry systems are the future of efficient and eco-friendly laundry drying. If you are looking to cut back on energy consumption and embrace a greener, more convenient lifestyle, It is high time to make the switch to Steigen automated laundry systems. 

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This article is based on spin-dried cotton t-shirts and jeans in normal weather on Solar Evo Series (Gen 2).
^ Energy consumption audit calculation formula and information from SP Group. Based on SP Group 1 Oct 2023 at $0.287/kWh (before GST).
3 hour cycle, two times a week for five years: 
5 kilowatts x 3 hour-cycle = 15 kilowatts
15 kilowatts x 2 times a week = 30 kilowatts
30 kilowatts x 52 weeks = 1560 kilowatts
1560 kilowatts x 5 years = 7800 kilowatts
7800 kilowatts x $0.287/kWh = $2238.6
*Calculations based on Solar Pro Solar Drying feature only. Based on SP Group 1 Oct 2023 at $0.287/kWh (before GST).
0.921 kilowatts x 3 hour-cycle = 2.76 kilowatts
2.76 kilowatts x 2 times a week = 5.53 kilowatts
5.53 kilowatts x 52 weeks = 287.35 kilowatts
287.35 kilowatts x 5 years = 1436.76 kilowatts
1436.76 kilowatts x $0.287/kWh = $412.35

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