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4 Minimalist Season-inspired Ideas For Your BTO Service Yard

4 Minimalist Season-inspired Ideas For Your BTO Service Yard

Becoming a new homeowner is a thrilling journey filled with endless possibilities, and one of the most exciting aspects is decorating your new space. While personal style plays a significant role in interior design, taking inspiration from the four seasons of the year can infuse your home with a fresh charm. 

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to refresh your existing decor, these 4 season-inspired ideas will help you create a service yard that reflects the beauty of each season.

Solar Pro in Blush

System featured: Solar Pro in Blush


As the world awakens from its winter slumber, spring brings a sense of rejuvenating vibrancy. Capture this essence by focusing on light, airy, and nature-inspired elements. Paint your walls–or shop for furnishing–in soft pastels like mint green, baby blue, or blush pink to mimic the budding flowers. Solar Pro in White will instantly brighten your space and make it more open and inviting.

Solar Pro in White

System featured: Solar Pro in White


Summer is synonymous with sun, sea, and relaxation. Transform your home into a coastal haven or a tropical paradise with shades of blue and white. Bring in Solar Pro in White to add to the coastal, beachy ambience. Besides a seamless interior fit, Solar Pro offers a 60ºC 8-core Solar Drying and 8-way Wind Direction that are bound to dry your laundry faster than ever. With an air volume coverage (CFM) of more than 175, 000cm3, your laundry will no doubt bask in the warmth of an afternoon sun minus any ultraviolet light. 

Solar Pro in Eclipse

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse


Fall is the season of crisp air, falling leaves, and warm hues. Infuse your home with the cosy comfort of autumn, featuring deep oranges, rich browns, and warm reds. Try vintage accents to evoke the charm of a countryside retreat. From natural white to warm light, all Steigen automated laundry systems feature a 3-tone LED light that operates independently from the other features–a great substitute for any ceiling light. 

Solar Pro in Silver

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver


Winter calls for interiors that provide simplicity while celebrating the beauty of snowfall. Relax in the serenity of a winter wonderland with palettes of white and soft greys. Exclusive to Steigen Solar Pro, eliminate musty laundry odour and dust mite with the improved 2-in-1 Sol Ion™. This feature automatically activates when any drying modes are enabled. 

A breath of fresh air

Be it the freshness of spring, the vibrancy of summer, the cosiness of autumn, or the elegance of winter, each season offers a unique opportunity to infuse your living space with its special magic. 

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