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3 Myths on Smart Switches and Automated Laundry Systems Compatibility

3 Myths on Smart Switches and Automated Laundry Systems Compatibility

In a world that is increasingly obsessed with making everything "smart," it is no surprise that even the humble light switch has not been spared. Smart switches have been making waves in the home automation market, promising absolute convenience.

But before you rush out to replace all your switches for your automated laundry system, let us debunk 3 common myths and explore why a typical electrical light switch might be smarter than you think.

Myth #1: Smart switches are essential for Steigen automated laundry systems

One of the prevailing myths about smart switches is that they are a necessity for every household appliance–especially for automated laundry racks because they are automated.

While smart switches can undoubtedly be handy for some appliances, that is unnecessary for Steigen automated laundry systems. Much like ceiling fans or simple plug-in lamps, a regular electrical light switch does the job perfectly well! 

Fun fact: Most light switches are rated 6-10 amperes. So, you can switch approximately 15 100-watt light bulbs with that switch alone. Steigen systems only require 6 amperes to function. Not to mention, the average price for a light switch is only $5–no need to complicate things by spending hundreds on a smart switch when simplicity works.

Myth #2: Smart switches are the ultimate convenience 

Smart switches undeniably offer easy control, allowing you to operate your appliances remotely. However, convenience never always translates into necessity. 

Most laundry tasks like washing and drying clothes require your physical presence. Plus, washing machines and automated laundry systems already have built-in customisable controls and timers, mobile apps, and in-app voice command features, rendering smart switches less valuable.

Besides, smart switches require the occasional troubleshooting or updates. The added convenience of a smart switch may not justify the cost and complexity. 

Myth #3: Smart switches solve all electrical problems

The myth that smart switches can solve all your household troubles is perhaps the most misleading of all. While they can enhance your home's functionality and convenience, they will not fix underlying issues with your electrical wiring (or automated laundry rack). 

If you are experiencing issues like flickering lights, overheating outlets, or faulty wiring, replacing your switches will not be a magic cure. It is essential to address these difficulties with a qualified electrician.

An unexpected limelight

While smart switches have their place in modern homes, it is essential to separate the myths from reality. Not every household–and household appliance–requires a smart switch, and your trusty regular light switch is an underdog not to belittle. Sometimes, simplicity and reliability are the smartest choices of all.

Another smart choice is to check out our estate deals and snag up to $250 off our automated laundry systems! Not to mention, delivery, installation and the uninstallation of any existing rack is all-inclusive too.

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