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Top 2024 Colour Trends For Service Yards

Top 2024 Colour Trends For Service Yards

Trends come and go, but some styles stand the test of time. If you are contemplating a home makeover, it is time to hop onto the bandwagon of combining trendy hues with neutral undertones and transforming your laundry space into a haven of style and comfort.

Whether you prefer a subdued and calming atmosphere or a bold and vibrant one, here are 4 trendy colours to check out this 2024!

System featured: Solar Pro in White


A splash of vibrance. Apricot is a delightful, lively hue that adds a refreshing burst of sunshine to any room. This vibrant orange-pink hybrid is perfect for those who want to infuse their living spaces with joy. Pair apricot with furnishing in soft neutrals such as Solar Pro in White for a well-balanced and visually appealing look. 

We are not just convincing you with aesthetically pleasing homes; we are giving you the VIP treatment for your wardrobe. The Solar Pro features a 60ºC 8-core Solar Drying and 8-way Wind Direction that aims to provide ultimate fabric care while drying your laundry at an impeccable speed where you never have to play the waiting game with your laundry again.

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Dusty Violet

A touch of romance. Dusty violet is the epitome of understated elegance. The muted, sophisticated purple shade is great for spaces where you want to create a tranquil, calming atmosphere. Pair it with soft pinks or pale greys to achieve a harmonious and dreamy look. Solar Pro in Eclipse will do the trick for a subtle touch of luxuriousness. 

Another trick up our sleeves, the Solar Pro has an exclusive allergy care feature. The 2-in-1 Sol Ion™ removes musty odour and dust mites on laundry with a touch of a button. Once the drying function is activated, so will this feature. 

System featured: Solar Pro in Silver

Powder Blue

A caress of serenity. Powder blue is a timeless colour, but in 2024, it is making a swinging comeback. This soft shade of blue evokes a sense of tranquillity, making it ideal for your service yard where doing laundry relaxingly is a priority. Combine whites–or even hints of silver–for a cool yet refreshing ambience. Make the space even brighter and more airy with the 3-tone LED light available on all Steigen automated laundry systems. 

System featured: Solar Pro in White

Honey Beige 

A dash of warmth. Honey beige is an inviting neutral colour that exudes comfort, making it a wonderful choice for individuals looking to transform their space into a cosy corner. An easy colour to work with, it pairs beautifully with earthy tones–cream, deep green, brown and taupe. 

We are all about making laundry day a breeze–literally. With an air volume coverage (CFM) of more than 175, 000cm3, say goodbye to the days of wrestling with unpredictable weather and hello to 100% indoor drying. 

Trendsetter, go-getter

It is time to reimagine the service yard as more than just a functional space; it is an opportunity to inject style and personality into every nook and cranny of your home. Never underestimate the impact that a well-designed service yard can have on your overall home experience. 

Time to level up your service yard into a chic laundry space with Steigen! Our exclusive deals offer a variety of discounts on all Steigen automated laundry systems. Hurry, the fastest fingers first!

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