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4 Minimalist Interior Tips For Your Laundry Space

4 Minimalist Interior Tips For Your Laundry Space

If you are embarking on a home renovation project or looking into doing a simple makeover for your place, then you would most probably know and even have considered a minimalist interior design. 

For the uninitiated, minimalism is never about quantity or keeping the space empty. It is about paring down to the essentials. Fundamentally, a ‘less is more’ approach. With that said, some of us might still be unsure about how to pull off the look especially when it comes to designing laundry spaces. 

Check out these 4 ways that can help you achieve your desired minimalist look that is bound to inspire and get you started in no time. 

Solar in White

System featured: Solar in White

1. Always Functionality Over Style

Think all-in-one, multi-purpose products. These lifesavers will not only ensure your surfaces stay clear but also cut back on unnecessary clutter as well. The Steigen automated laundry drying system is a great example! Only occupying your ceiling space, it quickly dries, removes odour and minimises dust mites on your laundry. Plus, it even acts as a ceiling light. 

Solar in White
System featured: Solar in White

2. Play It Up With Textures

Sometimes, minimalistic interiors can seem bland or boring. Add a touch of personality by playing it up with various textures. From rugs, plants to even bean bag chairs, there are multiple home decor you can consider to spice things up. Tip: Keep to similar colour tones to avoid overdoing it. 

Solar in Rose Gold
System featured: Solar in Rose Gold

3. Limit Your Colours

It is easy to go off course when designing your home. By sticking to a colour palette, you can easily keep things in check and have your home in a single cohesive theme. Nevertheless, limiting colours does not mean one cannot pick vivid colours. Try breaking the monotony of neutrals with bold colours such as gold or rose gold as accents instead. 

Solar in White
System featured: Solar in White

4. Pick A Centerpiece

Another way to achieve a minimalist aesthetic is to find an eye-catching piece of appliance/furniture and let it shine. This concept is similar to experimenting with different textures, but you would only focus on a single “texture” instead.   

Simplicity Is Key

At the end of the day, the golden rule is to keep it simple with a ‘less is more’ approach. When done well, even the simplest of homes can become the most inviting.

Still cannot imagine how your laundry space can pull off minimalism? Fret not. Let us help you achieve your dream laundry space with our free site measurements. Our Site Measurement Experts can recommend a model that best fits your space and needs. Plus, discuss the various power source options available so that you can achieve that sleek, clean look you desire. 

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