4 Reasons Why Your Laundry Stinks Even After Washing

4 Reasons Why Your Laundry Stinks Even After Washing

Can you still smell the underlying musty stench mixed with the scent of your softener? Tried soaking your garments before washing to get rid of odour but to no avail? Drying it directly under the Sun for hours didn’t help the smell either?

If you are still scratching your head and trying to figure out what went wrong, we have rounded up 4 common reasons why your clean laundry still smells bad even after a good wash.


1. Drying Them Too Closely

When your clothing have insufficient space to dry or they overlap one another, the moisture from the clothes will not be able to evaporate. Combined with Singapore’s humidity, bacteria starts to breed, hence, resulting in a musty odour. The worst part, there is no way to remove the odour unless it is washed thoroughly once again. 

To avoid such hindrance, dry your clothes by hanging them in alternating order on the Steigen automated laundry drying system to allow air channels to better circulate between the laundry. 


2. Not Drying Them Inside Out

All garments are not made the same: Some have thicker material than others, some have more pockets, and some even have inner linings. 

Take denim jeans and pullovers/hoodies, for instance. Compared to regular cotton t-shirts, they would take longer to dry. Especially when they are hand washed and hand wrung instead of spin-dried in your washing machine. To speed up the drying process, turn your clothes inside out so that the inner pockets or double lining will be dried too. 


3. Warm And Humid Weather

Did you know that high humidity slows the process of drying your clothes outside? Excess moisture in the air affects the rate of evaporation. The combination of damp clothes and a warm home allow mould to take root, giving off the musty odour as it grows. 

Despite being an uncontrollable factor, there are ways to curb drying laundry in humid weather. One of them is to dry your laundry with a Steigen automated laundry drying system. The high heat and built-in Ioniser will not only quickly dry your clothes, odours from cooking and smoking will be eliminated as well. 


4. Neglecting Your Washing Machine

Believe it or not, if your laundry smells off as soon as you unload it from the washing machine, the issue could be the washer itself! All washing machines have a dark and damp environment which is a perfect breeding ground for mould to grow. It is recommended to put your washing machine through Tub Cleaning once a week or every fortnight. 

Time To Banish Laundry Odour For Good

From creating the right environment to investing in the right solution, you can do your part to get rid of musty odours on your clothing. 

The Steigen automated laundry drying system comes with a Solar Drying feature that heats up to 60ºC*, which effectively prevents bacteria from breeding. This feature also has an in-built Ioniser^ that is simultaneously activated when switched on. The Ioniser not only removes odour but house dust and pollen too. 

Still having doubts? Drop by our Steigen Experience Store to catch a quick demonstration and find out more about our automated laundry drying systems. Not to mention, we even provide free and non-obligatory site measurements to ensure the perfect model for your space and needs. 

With Steigen, you never have to worry about stinky laundry again. 

*Based on Solar Alpha

^ Ioniser feature is only available on Solar Ultra and Solar Alpha

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