What Makes A Good Automated Laundry Drying System?

What Makes A Good Automated Laundry Drying System?

What is the difference? How are they different? Is there a difference in that difference?

There are numerous options, and that is where this handy guide of ours comes in, as we compare our specs with every possible aspect any automated laundry drying system out there can offer.

From plus points to bad points, find out what makes a winning combination for an automated laundry drying system. By the end of this read, you should be able to quickly work out what works best for you! 


How different can an automated laundry drying system look? But just because we look similar, does not mean we are the same. 

From the material to the colour, many factors can affect the aesthetics of the system. And to produce such an elite product, we would have to opt for exclusive materials to maintain a quality standard.   

To date, Steigen is possibly the only one that offers such systems made from aviation-grade aluminium that are electrophoretic coated: A coating technology for corrosion protection, especially against salt and minerals (good news for people living near the sea!).


When investing in household appliances, everyone expects them to last their full life expectancy and even beyond. 

Coming in with zero maintenance and fully self-sustainable, our German-engineered systems are built for heavy-duty usage, undergoing vigorous stress tests that put them through 100, 000 hours of continuous use–simulating a 10-year usage lifespan–before product launch.

Speed Performance

Time-saving is a big reason why Steigen has continually captured the hearts of many. Our signature Solar Drying function features a combination of in-built air circulators and heating temperature of up to 60ºC* to accelerate drying performance while minimising the time needed to dry. Based on cotton t-shirts and jeans, our systems are capable of speeding up drying time by 8 times as compared to natural outdoor breeze drying*. 

Hygiene Care

Wet laundry dried in humid conditions tends to have an odour and welcome dust mites. Necessary measures need to be taken  to curb these problems, especially when you have young children or skin sensitivities. 

The inbuilt Ioniser and Dust Mite Repeller of our Solar Alpha and Solar Ultra were designed to solve these problems while drying your laundry to crisp perfection. Who said you cannot kill three birds with one stone?


Another plus point welcomed by many Steigen customers is the system's ability to lift 2-3 washing loads (45-50kg). Not only can you dry a great many of laundry, you never have to worry about back or arm aches anymore. Our systems even include Obstacle Recovery where the built-in smart sensors will retract 5cm upwards upon bumping into any obstacle to prevent a collision. 


With many options in the market, price is a crucial consideration factor too. Steigen automated laundry drying systems may not be the cheapest option out there, but they will be the smarter option in the long run. An hour of Solar Drying would only set you back $0.13/hour^. 

Installation and Warranty

Also, another reason for our higher prices is because everything that you possibly need of a household appliance is all-inclusive. From delivery, installation to local warranty, expect only one price and no other hidden costs. Even if your installation is on a false ceiling or requires an L-bracket, it will all be on us! 


Granted, drying your laundry directly under the Sun can get the job done if all you are looking for is to dry laundry. 

But if you want the best laundry drying experience that saves you time and money in the long run, keeps the dust mites and odours at bay, and you are not restricted by a strict budget, then Steigen is the one for you.

The Solar Series offers four different systems to cater to various needs be it the space-sensitive, price-sensitive or specs-sensitive customers. Need a more detailed comparison breakdown of our models? Say no more

*Based on Solar Alpha.

^Based on SP Group July 2020 at $0.1960/kWh (without GST). 

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