4 Ways To Care For Baby Clothes

4 Ways To Care For Baby Clothes

One of the most overlooked germ nests that your baby is exposed to are their clothing. Washing baby garments the wrong way can leave them more vulnerable to skin allergies or worse, catching infections and diseases.*

Coupled with the fact that young children have an ever-evolving immune system, you would need to be extremely cautious about what you do to keep your child safe and healthy.

Fret not, we’ve pulled together a couple of tips that can put your worries to rest.  Here are 4 things you should know when it comes to washing baby clothes:


1. Always Wash New Clothes

From chemicals that prevent mould and moisture to those used in colouring processes, there are various substances used to treat the different materials that go into our clothing. 

 Hence, new clothes are dirtier than they look or smell, and you need to toss them in the washer at least once before wearing them.  


2. Rinse Twice

Soap residue on clothes increase the risk of skin irritation. If you are hand washing a baby’s clothing, rinse the garments thoroughly with water only for an extra measure to ensure that the soap is fully removed from the fabric. 


3. Disinfect Baby Clothes

There other more convenient means to disinfect garments besides using a baby-friendly detergent or separating your washes. 

For instance, Steigen Singapore offers automated laundry systems that utilise solar heat technology that penetrates evenly through your clothes, and effectively eliminates germs, bacteria, and odour.

Simply hang your garments on the rack and let it work its magic!


4. Weekly Hot Washes 

Between the copious amounts of spit-up and diaper blow-outs, it’s crucial to practice regular hot washing when it comes to your baby’s bedsheets and toys. 

Tip for the budding parents: Dust mites feed off whatever the baby has left behind in the cot. Hence, if the sheets go unwashed for too long, it’s pretty likely these pesky creatures may have snuggled up in between the fabric.  


Bacteria Are All Around You

Whether you’re a budding parent or parent-to-be, no one likes the thought of bacteria lurking and hanging around your children. Hopefully, this list was able to take one more thing off your full plate as you continuously strive to create the cleanest environment at home.  

Cast your troubles aside and check out Steigen Singapore for the best laundry tips you can find!


*Source from TIME: Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them 

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