7 Indoor Family Bonding Activities

7 Indoor Family Bonding Activities

With most of us practising social distancing and staying at home whenever possible, there is no doubt that your kids have either turned into couch potatoes or are teetering on the edge of boredom. 

We know how hard it can be to get everyone, especially young children and teens, to be proactive when it comes to family bonding activities. Pro tip: Plan fun activities that are worth doing so everyone looks forward to it. Here are 7 pocket-friendly indoor family bonding activities that are bound to create tons of laughter and happy memories for all: 

Organise Movie Nights

A classic family get-together after dinner, you can never go wrong with movie nights. Whether you are a family of Potterheads or Disney princesses, grab some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch and catch a movie or two. 


Play Board Games

From Snakes and Ladders, Aeroplane Chess to Monopoly, there are countless board games you can play with the kids. Not to mention, you can even try card games like UNO and Snap. This will work best if you have a physical board game; nothing beats rolling the dice in your hand. 


Do Laundry Together

Spending time with your children isn't only about having picnics by the beach. It can even be doing household chores together.

For instance, why not have the kids help you out with doing laundry? You can even spice things up with a simple competition of who can hang their pile of washing up the fastest. Maybe even another speed competition for folding clothes.  

You'll be surprised how a simple chore like doing laundry can create opportunities for the family to bond.


Explore Gardening

For those who love nature or have green fingers, have the kids try out gardening. This is a great chance to combine education and entertainment into one. With everything available online, you can definitely get a kid-friendly gardening kit delivered to your home. 


Stay Fit And Workout 

Are you a fitness enthusiast? If yoga stretches and Zumba dance are your go-to workouts, conduct a simple class just for the kids. Keen but new to home workouts? Well, it’ll be a great first-time experience for the both of you!


Get Crafty

Not everyone is into high-intensity activities, some of us appreciate the simple things in life. It’s time to bust out those crayons and paint for an afternoon with Picasso. For those who prefer something more straightforward, there’s always colour-by-number colouring books. 


Bake Cookies

If all else fails, cookies solve everything. It cannot get better than making your own cookies at home. The best part, you get to create your own ‘secret recipe’ that is just for your family. Fun time and great memories, what more can you possibly ask for?

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