4 Steps To Do Laundry Easily

4 Steps To Do Laundry Easily

You know what’s a first world problem? Having too many clothes to wash. Whether you do laundry every day or once every weekend, there's only so much you can procrastinate before things get out of hand.

Doing your laundry may have been a struggle, but the moment when you realise it is all done, it is priceless. Here are 4 ways to make your laundry routine easier:

1. Sort Your Laundry 

Try sorting your clothes by colour into different hampers. For instance, your whites, light coloured garments and printed tees with white background will go in one pile. And, your dark coloured ones in another. With this method, you can skip sorting and simply dump your soiled clothes into the washer and start the load. 

2. Hang it

If you have wardrobe space to spare, why fold when you can hang everything? When you’ve decided to ditch folding, you will realise how much time (and space!) you will save on laundry. Plus, you neither have to learn how to fold like Marie Kondo nor rifle through messy drawers again. 

3. Get a Laundry System

What if we told you you can hang your clothes straight out of the washer and into your wardrobe? With Steigen, you can! 

Dry your washing in minimal time without worrying about doing the heavy lifting of bamboo poles anymore. Simply place your clothes on a hanger as you normally would and hang it on our accordion-style automated racks that can be easily adjusted to any comfortable height. When your laundry is done, all you have to do is place them back to your wardrobe! 

4. Laundry And Multitasking

If you’re going to multitask, at least do it right. With time shaved off folding and drying clothes, why not sneak in some time for yourself to relax? Whether you are planning to use that extra time for other household chores or take an afternoon snooze, there’s no better place to start your laundry than with Steigen.

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