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4 ‘Something Different’ Service Yard Styles You Shouldn’t Miss Out

4 ‘Something Different’ Service Yard Styles You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Service yard trends at the moment are all about having a personality. If the entire home is getting a makeover, why miss out on the opportunity to furnish the service yard (or balcony) as well?

Check out these 4 styles that bring something different to the table while allowing room to mix and match, depending on your cup of tea. 

chubby design
System featured: Solar Sonic in Blush

“Chubby” design

Make way for voluminous curves! This comeback trend is composed of furnishing in tubular, chunky forms that hugs the room with softness and comfort. Following down the same path of rounded edges, the multi-purpose Steigen automated laundry system will fit in perfectly. Besides drying laundry, it also functions as a ceiling light with 3 different light tones to suit any ambience. 

Coloured concrete
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green

Coloured concrete

With its unrefined aesthetic, concrete can fit just about any interior design depending on the colour–neutrals for Scandi, dark for Industrial–you choose. Spice things up with a rich green concrete wall for a statement look and match it with our Solar Pro in Midnight Green. Dry laundry in no time with the signature 60ºC Quad Core Solar Drying and remove musty laundry odour with the breakthrough Sol Ion™ technology. Plus, the inbuilt high ultrasonic waves drive away dust mites.

Curves and waves
System featured: Solar Pro in White 

Curves and waves

You heard about arched doorways, but what about wavy tables? Besides countertops, other furnishings like curvy racks, circular vases and round-edged appliances would blend with the interior too. On top of a curved and sleek design, the Steigen automated laundry systems can retract to the ceiling, which caters to more leg room and lower to a comfortable height for easier manoeuvring when doing laundry too.

Colour-blocked murals
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Colour-blocked murals

Some might think colour-blocking is only for bright colours like lavender, orange, and brick red. But this vibrant oasis can also be switched to “dark mode” with black, grey and deep teal. If dark themes are your jam, the Solar Pro in Eclipse and Midnight Blue would be right up your alley. Psst…trade in an automated laundry rack or manual clothes drying rack for up to $50 off.

No place like home

Whether it is a trendy interior or a blast from the past, we all crave something we can call our own. If you have been searching for the right opportunity to snag your very own Steigen at a steal, here is your chance!

Join our Steigen membership and receive $80 off all Steigen automated laundry system! Stack more discount when you trade in your existing manual or automated laundry rack too. Plus, book a free site measurement and let us help you confirm the system fit in your home.

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