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6 Services Steigen Offers At Zero Additional Costs

6 Services Steigen Offers At Zero Additional Costs

Every deal comes with pros and cons but not ours! Here is your cheat sheet to shop at Steigen. And hopefully, more reasons (and brownie points) as to why you should pick us. If you know anyone who loves a good deal, tag and share this article with them!

6 Services Steigen Offers At Zero Additional Costs

  1. Free site measurement

Every house has a different layout and every homeowner has varying vision boards. Book a free and non-obligatory site measurement where our Site Measurement Expert will recommend a model based on your vision, space and power source options.  

Feeling confident of the fit? Skip straight to making a purchase and booking an installation date.

  1. Stack multiple discounts

From trade-in program, sign-up promotion, referral to buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) apps, stack multiple discounts and enjoy the best deal.

Suggested promo combo:

Trade-in program + $80 sign-up promo = Up to $130 off

Trade-in program + $100 referral = Up to $150 off 

Tip: New BNPL members usually have welcome discounts, so be sure to check it out.

  1. Open installation date

Whether you are waiting for your BTO keys or your renovation has been delayed, select an installation date up to a year from the date of purchase. Tip: Cart out your system with an open date on our website. 

Book or reschedule your installation date here once you have firmed up things on your end.

  1. Installation, delivery, warranty

We cannot be more proud of this all-inclusive service! Be it concrete ceiling, outdoor trellis, false ceiling or high ceiling installations, there will be no additional costs. Plus, trunking is free of charge should your installation requires it. 

Not to mention, we will patch up those unsightly drilling holes in your ceiling that were left behind by your old laundry rack at zero additional costs. 

On top of all of that, delivery of the system, warranty (2 years on parts and 5 years on motor and LED light) and GST are included in all prices of our system too. 

remote control colour

  1. Free remote control replacements

All Steigen automated laundry systems are eligible for up to 2 free* remote control replacements. Simply bring your faulty remote to our showroom and quote your order number, and we will do a 1-to-1 exchange – no questions asked! Subsequent replacements can be purchased at $30 each.

*This is only valid for systems installed from 2018 and onwards. 

  1. Free WiFi pairing session

Having trouble pairing your Steigen automated laundry system to the Steigen Home app? Fret not for we have your back!

Drop us a message at our Support Line 8877 0003 for our user guide and if that does not work, we will arrange a date to visit your place to help you with the pairing. 

Good deals must share

Go ahead and sign up as a new Steigen member to enjoy $80 off and trade in your existing manual or automated racks for more price off. Installation slots are filling up fast so book yours quickly!

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