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4 Travel-Inspired Ideas That Will Jet-Set Your Service Yard

4 Travel-Inspired Ideas That Will Jet-Set Your Service Yard

Beyond the humdrum of laundry chores, imagine a space that whispers tales of exotic destinations, turning the mundane into a daily escape. Let your imagination take flight and explore 4 enchanting travel-inspired interiors each bringing a unique blend of aesthetics and ambiance to your service yard.

Greek style Solar Pro in white
System featured: Solar Pro in White

Greek Style

Escape to the idyllic landscapes of Greece with a design that exudes simplicity. Choose a colour palette dominated by whites and blues to mimic the iconic Greek islands. Incorporate Mediterranean-inspired tiles and the Solar Pro in White to create a breezy atmosphere reminiscent of a seaside taverna. With the 3-tone LED light, the Solar Pro will brighten any corner if natural sunlight is hard to come by.

French farmhouse Solar Pro in Blush
System featured: Solar Pro in Blush

French Farmhouse

Go for earthy tones like soft whites, warm greys, and muted pastels to bring out the rustic allure of a French farmhouse in your service yard. Add vintage French accessories, such as copper pots or opt for household appliances in soft colours–check out the Solar Pro in Blush–to infuse a touch of timeless sophistication.

From 60ºC UV-free Solar Drying to Cool Breeze drying functions, Solar Pro offers the ability to dry various types of fabric with zero fabric damage. Not to mention, the 8-way Wind Direction provides more than 175,000 cm3 air volume coverage (CFM) that will dry even the thickest jeans thoroughly.

Italian rustic Solar Pro in Silver
System featured: Solar Pro in Silver

Italian Rustic

Transport your service yard to an Italian countryside with warm colours and natural materials. Consider open shelving to showcase your collection of ceramics and pottery while adding a touch of old-world charm to your kitchen. The Solar Pro in Silver will blend seamlessly with the rustic vibe while providing ample floor space.  

When installing household appliances in service yards, it is not just about aesthetics. It is also about orchestrating a symphony of space efficiency. Fret not, Steigen offers non-obligatory and free site measurements where an e-report on model and installation recommendations are provided. 

Summer bohemian Solar Pro in Eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Summer Bohemian

Embrace the free-spirited and vibrant atmosphere of a summer Bohemian design to create an eclectic kitchen that reflects your adventurous spirit. Play it up with a rich colour palette using vivid patterns and mixing textures. Complete the look with Solar Pro in Eclipse for a bold statement.

A map of your imagination

By infusing your space with the charm and character of different destinations, you can transport yourself to distant lands without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Here is another laundry chore getaway ticket: Check out all available discounts on our Steigen automated laundry systems. Plus, the dismantling of your existing laundry rack and the installation of the Steigen system are all-inclusive with no additional charges.

It's time to embark on a journey with Steigen that transcends your laundry routine!

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