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What is included when purchasing a Steigen system?

What is included when purchasing a Steigen system?

Steigen automated laundry systems are not just game-changers but lifestyle enhancers. When you bring this marvel into your home, you are not just buying an appliance; you are unlocking a realm of unparalleled services and perks that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it. 

From exclusive promotions to all-inclusive technical help, find out what is included on all Steigen systems offers at no extra cost.

1. Promotion

There is a deal for everyone and here is how you can redeem yours:

New member discount

Sign up with Steigen and receive an $80 new member discount via email. Trade in your existing manual or automated rack and stack up to an extra $50 off. That’s up to $130 off all regular-priced systems. 


Steigen referral codes offer $100 off all regular-priced systems. Trade in your existing manual or automated rack and stack up to an extra $50 off.

Psst..Enter your postal code here to check out all other discounts available.

2. Installation, delivery, GST

From delivery to installation, you never have to worry about additional hidden costs. Not to mention, any drill holes left by the previous laundry rack will be patched up (no painting services provided). If you have yet to move into your new place due to ongoing renovations, you could request to have the system wrapped up free of charge. The best part, GST is included, so the prices reflected are 100% nett.

3. Warranty coverage

Nothing beats having peace of mind when your trusty household appliances are cared for. All Steigen automated laundry systems have an on-site warranty coverage of 2 years for system parts and 5 years for up-down lifting motor. This includes 2 1-to-1 remote control exchanges too. 

The warranty commences on the date of installation and no registration is required.

4. 0% 3-4 month instalments 

The joy of buy-now-pay-later is dizzying, especially if 0% interest is involved. Be it 3-month or 4-month plans, Steigen offers 4 different 0% instalment plans. Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive partner collaborations for additional stackable discounts too.

5. Referral program 

Welcome to the family! All Steigen customers are automatically added to the referral program where customers can earn as you refer. Receive a $20 Fairprice e-voucher for your first referral and $50 for every referral after your 4th. 

6. System reservation 

Renovation delays can be a big headache, and we want to help ease your troubles. No matter the length of your renovation delay–3 months, 6 months or 12–Steigen will reserve your system until your place is ready for installation so long as an order has already been placed. 

7. Free site measurements

If all these perks are not enough to sway you, Steigen offers free site measurement where a Site Measurement Expert will drop by your place for a 30-minute session to recommend a system fit based on the intended installation area. 100% no strings attached even if you changed your mind about us. 

Find all the best in one

From stackable deals to all-inclusive labour services, Steigen is not just an addition to your home–it is the key to fresh laundry and a comfortable and efficient way of life!

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