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5 Lesser Known Yet Stunning Marble Laundry Spaces

5 Lesser Known Yet Stunning Marble Laundry Spaces

White marble may reign supreme when it comes to opulent interior designs, but many other marble colours are equally as luxurious, if not more sophisticated. 

The laundry space may only occupy a small area but that never means you have to hold back on your lush style. Lose your marbles over these 5 magnificent marble laundry spaces.

System featured: Solar in Gold

Extravagant Emerald

Over the years, green has been a rising trend in home design. This mood-boosting shade will seal the deal if you are not one with green thumbs, yet you seek to bring the outside in. Evoke luxuriousness with our Solar in Gold to compliment the green elegance of the marble. 

System featured: Solar Ultra in Ultramarine

Brilliant Blue

Aiming to bring tranquillity to your laundry corner? The addition of our Solar Ultra in Ultramarine can certainly set the mood with the dark blue accents of the marble. Brighten up the space with the white LED light (we have a warm light option too!) which also operates independently.

System featured: Solar Ultra in Graphite

Bold Black

If there is one colour you can always count on to elevate a home instantly–hands down– it’s black marble. Deck out your laundry space with our Solar Ultra in Graphite to keep in line with the dark theme. Book a free site measurement with us and let us help you iron out your electrical needs and the most suitable installation method without messing up your home aesthetics. 

System featured: Solar Ultra in White

Peculiar Pink 

Some say, ‘go big or go home’. What better way to do that with marble…in pink? Pair the light pastel pink shade with our Solar Ultra in white for a seamless match without looking gaudy. Pink has never looked so classy!

System featured: Solar in Grey

Gorgeous Green

There is no hard rule that your cabinets, tabletop and appliances must share the same colour palette. Sometimes, contrasting colours bring out the design better. For instance, this combination between the Solar in Grey and the jade marble slab will no doubt have heads turning.  

Unexpected Yet Classic

These mesmerising home designs are just the tip of the iceberg. To help you kickstart, here’s $55 off on our automated laundry drying systems when you sign up today. From matching your home interiors to getting the laundry drying job done, we have just the system for you.

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