Vacation Laundry You Can Dry With A Steigen To Avoid Holiday Blues

Vacation Laundry You Can Dry With A Steigen To Avoid Holiday Blues

Have holiday blues due to overwhelming piles of vacation clothes? We feel you! 

The joy, excitement, and all of the magic that holidays bring might be over, but we can help you get back into the swing of things as easy as bibbidi bobbidi boo.

Check out these various types of laundry you can dry with a Steigen automated laundry drying system and avoid holiday blues. 

Linen tops

Known for its breathable material, linen is one you would pack if you are going somewhere warm. For linen, it is best recommended to dry on no/low heat as high heat, coupled with tumble drying, may cause significant shrinkage. Also, linen is not a strong fabric, and laundry clips are known to leave marks on the clothing. 

Tip: Switch on the Cool Breeze drying on the Solar Ultra to speed up the drying with zero heat involved. Plus, drape your linen tops over the rack or hang them with a hanger to keep them in tip-top condition.

Pullovers and sweaters

Cold weather travels are the best, especially when you have been stuck in sunny Singapore for ages. But post-vacation winter laundry is a pain in the neck no matter how sunny Singapore is. With the thick, dense material, knitwear is not the easiest to dry when you rely on the Sun and it rains. 

Tip: Dry your knitwear with the signature Solar Drying technique on the Solar Ultra. Mimicking the heat from direct sunlight, the Solar Drying goes up to 50ºC and dries your laundry completely indoors regardless of the weather. 


For laundry first-timers, drying your swimwear in the dryer is probably the worst way to go. The high heat can permanently alter the elasticity and change the shape of your bathing suits. On the other hand, sun-drying may cause colour fading due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. 

Tip: If you need your swimsuit to dry fast, air-dry it with the Cool Breeze function of the Solar Ultra to minimise heat stress. Gently wrap it in a towel to remove excess water if needed. 

Winter Accessories 

Winter gloves, cashmere scarf, knitted beanie. All must-haves when travelling to colder destinations. And most ought to be washed in cold water on a delicate wash cycle and dry on low heat or air-dry. 

Tip: Snap up the smaller garments to the inbuilt clips on the Solar Ultra for easy drying. You may even dry a scarf – without any hangers – by snaking it along the row of inbuilt clips. 

Dry It All

From flowy summer dresses to thick hoodies, the Steigen automated laundry drying systems can dry various and numerous clothes (up to 45kg) in one sitting! Do remember to double check your laundry tags for the most optimal washing and drying conditions.

Not sure which suits you best? Book your free site measurement with us, and we will recommend a system that best fits your space and needs. Plus, sign up for our newsletter and receive a $55 storewide promo code. Get more discounts when you trade in your existing automated laundry racks or manual clothes drying rack too.


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