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4 Colours To Make Your Space Larger Than Life

4 Colours To Make Your Space Larger Than Life

The old mantra “bigger is better” goes, but with compact homes, it is easier said than done. Besides home furnishing, choosing the right colours can also give an illusion of a bigger room. Check out these 4 space-expanding and light-enhancing colours to make your place look larger than life. 

System featured: Solar Ultra in White
Light Grey

A twist against the more traditional white and beige colours, light grey is a great option for those who seek a slightly darker interior without making the room feel stuffy or hemmed in. Further brighten your laundry area with the Solar Ultra in White. It also comes with a 12-watt white LED light which operates independently, much like your usual ceiling light. 

System featured: Solar Ultra in White
Neutral Tans

Taupe, beige, khaki, sand – similar but different. These simple, calm colours are easy to work with regardless of the decor and furnishing. The warm tone makes the space more inviting and open. Keep the neutral palette constant with the Solar Ultra in White. 

System featured: Solar Ultra in White
Muted Green

Time to bring the outdoors indoors. Soft green hues will reflect natural light, hence, seemingly enlarging a place. Spruce the place with the Solar Ultra in White with Warm Light to turn it into a cosy nook.

System featured: Solar Ultra in White
Classic White

It is no secret that white is a go-to choice for making a place look bigger. Especially when your area is constantly bathed in sunlight, you will have an illusion of a spacious room without doing much. What’s more, this colour works well no matter the aesthetics. Pair our Solar Ultra in White for a seamless match with your furnishing.  


Go Little Rockstar
When life gives you a less than massive laundry space, you go up! Make full use of your ceiling with Steigen automated laundry drying systems. Compact homes should never hold you back from your aesthetic creativity or forgoing home essentials.

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