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5 Pattern Designs To Explore For Your Laundry Space

5 Pattern Designs To Explore For Your Laundry Space

Every home has a distinct style, and what better way to showcase yours through patterns. Depending on the colour and decor, patterns can blend well with various interiors – Scandinavian, monochrome, retro and more – while adding a slight twist.  

Break traditional design boundaries with these 5 chic and timeless motifs where you can indulge in your passion for pattern. 

Steigen Solar Ultra White Kitchen Terrazo
System featured: Solar Ultra in White


Originated in Italy centuries ago, this speckled beauty has been remastered in modern-day homes. Its versatility makes it a popular design – you can turn it into a statement piece or go for a subtle colour combination. If your interior has multiple colours, go for the Solar Ultra in White to blend it seamlessly with your ceiling.

Steigen Solar Ultra Graphite Service Yard Checkered
System featured: Solar Ultra in Graphite


A checkerboard pattern can be a bold choice, but its charming and nostalgic appeal is what keeps it a classic. This high contrast motif is a great addition to any monochrome home too. Embrace the dark side with our Solar Ultra in Graphite. It even comes with an LED white light which can be used in place of your usual ceiling lights. 

Steigen Solar Ultra White Service Yard Honeycomb
System featured: Solar Ultra in White


Whoever said you have to stick to yellow or gold? From simple to bizarre colour combinations, anyone can mix and match the honeycomb pattern and spice things up. Tip: Match your furnishings with the dominant colour of your interior. That way, the honeycomb design will pop and be an easy conversation starter. 

Steigen Solar Ultra White Kitchen Herringbone
System featured: Solar Ultra in White


For Scandinavian-style lovers, it is time to add some depth and texture to an otherwise neutral colour space. The geometric zigzag design provides a playful pop of personality compared to the usual vertical panels. Stick to the Scandinavian theme with our Solar Ultra in White – you can never go wrong with basics. 

Steigen Solar Grey Kitchen Stripes
System featured: Solar in Grey


Mixing stripes and colour blocks are a great alternative for those who seek to stand out from the crowd yet are not quite ready to jump on the pattern bandwagon. Prepared to play it up with shades of grey? Look no further than our Solar in Grey. This sleek shade pairs well with both light and dark grey tones. 

Break the pattern

There is a style for every home, and we are here to help you find the perfect fit. Book your free site measurement with us and receive a specially curated free site report. Here’s another treat to sweeten the deal: Sign up with us and enjoy a $55 storewide off! You may even trade in your automated laundry racks or manual clothes drying rack and stack the discount.

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