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5 Simple Ways To Style Your Service Yard With Steigen

5 Simple Ways To Style Your Service Yard With Steigen

Choices are awesome, but too many will become overwhelming. And deep down, we all lookout for a simple interior that: 

  1. Never goes out of style 
  2. Easy to maintain 
  3. Affordable  

We have rounded up 5 simple ways to style your service yard with Steigen which you can never go wrong with. Stay tuned to the end of the article for an exclusive deal!

System featured: Solar Ultra in White


If you haven’t heard, we have recently launched new colours for our bestseller, Solar Ultra, in lieu of our 10-year anniversary last year. Now you can purchase Solar Ultra in White–a classic neutral shade for any home. 

System featured: Solar Ultra in Ultramarine


Not to mention, Solar Ultra also comes in a revamped shade of Ultramarine. Perfect for homeowners who prefer dark themed homes. With a 12 watts in-built LED light, you never have to worry about the space becoming too dark.

System featured: Solar Ultra in Graphite


In contemporary interiors, each household appliance/furniture stands out as individual and unique. The pieces selected should make a bold statement yet pull off simplicity and showcase the uncluttered space, much like this Solar Ultra in Graphite. 


System featured: Solar Ultra in Graphite

Modern Industrial

Colours are not the only way you can play up your home. Try textures: Besides using a cement/brick wall, add other raw elements such as metal fixtures or wood. Consider showcasing the Steigen automated laundry drying system as a raw element component that is part of your Industrial theme. 


System featured: Solar Ultra in White


How can we forget the ever popular Scandinavian interior design? Pair your service yard with our Solar Ultra in White to keep up with the theme. You can even request for a warm light before installation to add a welcoming soft hue to this space. 

The Good Things Don’t Stop

Besides new colours, we have new warranty plans too:


$0 (Complimentary/Inclusive Warranty)

  1. 2 years for parts
  2. 5 years for motor


$100 (Extended Warranty)

  1. 3 years for parts
  2. 5 years for motor

SteigenCare Deluxe

$299 (Premium Extended Warranty)

  1. 5 years for parts
  2. 5 years for motor

All warranty top-ups can be purchased within 2 years from date of installation. We understand how important it is to have comprehensive coverage on the things you love. Rest assured with Steigen as we bring the best deals to you. 

Talking about deals, here’s your chance to snag extra $55 off when you sign up with us as a Steigen member. Get the latest updates, promotions and who knows maybe even early bird specials!

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