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Is Sun-Drying or Machine-Drying better for your laundry?

Is Sun-Drying or Machine-Drying better for your laundry?

Drying your laundry the right way is as crucial as washing them the right way. Be it drying under the Sun or machine drying, both methods would affect how your clothes look and feel. Not to mention, the fit and its durability.

There might be no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are ways to avoid laundry drying troubles.  


With our warm climate, no doubt most of us dry our laundry under the Sun since it is practically free. On a hot sunny day, your clothes would dry in a couple of hours!

The only major downside is if it rains non-stop. Even air-drying would be an issue due to humidity. Also, if you are clocking a 9-to-5 job, the only time you can catch the Sun would be on the weekends (or before work) and let’s face it, you would rather sleep in than wake up early to do chores.

Another downside to sun-drying is that ultraviolet (UV) lights can damage your clothes. It might be a natural disinfectant against bacteria reproduction on your laundry, but it is strong enough to break down fabric bonds as well.  

Machine-Drying: Dryer

We all know the love-hate relationship with dryers. It does gets the job done but sometimes it’s overly done, and your clothes shrink or sustain irreversible crease damages. 

On the bright side, this method works well for large families as they go through the laundry like nobody’s business. And, you never have to fret about the weather or the time you are doing laundry. Except for the costs. Dryers are infamously known to be big energy users, so it would not be a surprise if they rack up a high bill. 

Most homeowners living in a shoebox apartment would also struggle with catering space for a dryer. Some would turn to a washer-dryer combo but worry one function breaks down before the other and end up unable to use the machine at all. 

Machine-Drying: Steigen

So, you might be wondering, “What can dry my laundry regardless of the time and weather? No UV light but disinfects clothes. No high electrical bills. Space-saving yet doesn’t break the bank.” It is high time to check out Steigen

With it being ceiling-mounted, you not only save space but all the drying is done indoors with a tap on the remote control or via the Steigen Home app. It also has a Solar Drying feature that heats up to 50ºC ( similar to drying under direct sunlight minus the UV) and it costs as low as $0.14/h^. And, the inbuilt Ioniser and Dust Mite Repeller are bound to keep odours and nasty bacteria at bay. 

Ticking all the right boxes, Steigen is a local-based company too. If you are worried about the fit, worry no more as there are free site measurements to ensure the space fit and power source suitability. Plus, the installation would only take 1.5-2 hours (depending on the complexity of the job) and you can use the system right away!

This drying method might not be for everyone, but you cannot deny that it does solve most laundry troubles. 


^Based on SP Group July 2020 at $0.1960/kWh (without GST).

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