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4 Bold Laundry Space Ideas To Lust After

4 Bold Laundry Space Ideas To Lust After

On a lookout for fresh interior ideas for your laundry space? You have come to the right place!

If you are one of the many who are embarking on a home renovation project, these 4 uncommon interiors are bound to get that Eureka moment of yours going. They may not be the current hot and popular picks, but they are bound to get heads turning for all the right reasons. 


System featured: Solar in White


Bohemian interiors are known for their open-spaced areas and the contrasting, bold layers of pattern, texture and colours. How do you get started? Select various objects that vary in colour and form. With multiple colours going on, try pairing with our Solar in White instead so that your quirky decorations will always be in the spotlight. 


System featured: Solar Ultra in Ultramarine


A useful rule of thumb is that coastal means seaside aesthetics. From soft tones, clean designs and playing it up with natural light, this interior’s goal is to evoke the easy-breezy vibes of the beach. Add a nautical touch to your “beach” with the Solar Ultra in Ultramarine. 

System featured: Solar in Gold


Tessellated motifs. Abstract elements. Warm lights. Moroccan architectural style oozes elegance and simplicity. Opt for more neutral colours in your furniture or appliances to introduce a casual and cool vibe. If you cannot seem to shy away from colours, check out our Solar in Gold to spice things up. When placing an order for your automated laundry drying system, request for a warm light to set a cosy tone to your space.  


System featured: Solar Alpha in Cosmic Grey


Peranakan interiors need not be loud and ornate. There are ways to take a more subtle approach with this traditional style. If you are planning to use the signature Peranakan style tiles, tone down the space with pieces of furniture that have similar colours which would blend more seamlessly with one another. 

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